Design of a large bathroom of 12 square meters. m

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To create a beautiful bathroom interior, both natural materials were used to give the room grace and nobility, as well as modern, high-tech, without which it is impossible to create comfortable housing now.

The first group included natural marble and travertine, as well as oak veneer. The second - ceramic granite tiles for wood, glass, artificial marble, obtained by injection molding technology, as well as painted MDF.


The main decorative accent of the beautiful bathroom interior is the black and white bath bowl. This is an exclusive item made of marble chips, sealed with a polymer composition. Such material conducts heat poorly, so that the bath water will have a comfortable temperature for a long time.

The mixer in this case is attached to the floor and can be used both as a shower and as an ordinary tap.

Shower in the bathroom 12 square meters. m. quite spacious, it even fit a shop that makes washing more convenient. The design is thought out carefully, to the smallest details. Around the cabin - tempered glass, so that the spray does not fly to the floor.

The floor in the shower cabin was also made of marble: it was laid out with large slabs, which were not polished so that they were not slippery.

Two shower heads - one fixed and the other on a flexible hose - allow you to take hygienic procedures with maximum comfort. Even the mixers here are not ordinary, but thermostatic: random surges that drench users with hot or cold water will not be felt in this case.

The shape for the toilet was not chosen by chance - the white rectangle under the bench looks like its base, and it’s not immediately possible to guess that it’s a toilet.

In the design of a large bathroom, the dominant position is occupied by a composition of two sinks, connected into a single whole and placed on the countertop, continuing further up to the walls. On the one hand, it forms a table at which you can sit comfortably for hygienic or cosmetic procedures, on the other hand, laundry baskets are hidden under it.

Marble shells look solid and monumental. Brass mixers give this corner a touch of antiquity.


All furniture is made of chipboard. In drawers you can store everything you need - towels, cosmetics. Finishing - natural oak veneer. To protect the tree from moisture, it was varnished in several layers from above.

The black frames, in which the square-shaped mirrors are enclosed, visually echo the trim on the top of the shower stall, and are also made of MDF.

In the design of a large bathroom, a pine array is also used - benches are made of it: one is located in the shower and the other covers the toilet on top. They are also finished with oak veneer to blend in with the rest of the furniture.

A decorative niche between the wall and the toilet serves as a storage place for a stock of toilet paper.

A transparent plastic chair is a convenient option for any room that is not too large in size, since it visually “dissolves” in space and thereby increases its volume. In the bathroom, this solution is most natural, since plastic is a material that is resistant to moisture.


Spacious bathroom 12 sq. M. It seems even bigger due to cladding of walls with large-size travertine slabs. They look luxurious and change the perception of the room as a whole.

The shower is finished with natural marble from Italy. It is rather strong moisture resistant material to which temperature jumps are not terrible. The mechanical stability of marble is quite sufficient for a given room, and if minor defects appear, they can be polished.

A special highlight of the design of a large bathroom are living plants. They are planted in special niches, framing a group of two sinks.

In the vertical modules, a special soil is used, where the plants of the tropical zone are planted - for them the bathroom conditions are perfectly suited. This eco-design technique allowed to “revive” the bathroom, add naturalness and harmony.


The natural and beautiful interior of the bathroom looks largely due to the well-thought-out lighting: the ribbons from the LEDs, covered with matte plastic on top, imitate diffused daylight.

In the shower area, the same tape, wrapped in silicone to protect against splashes, acts as a lighting device. Its color can be changed by mood.

Lamps are fixed above the shells, which also give diffused light, and the plants are additionally highlighted in order to provide them with favorable conditions for growth. Special phytolamp with low power consumption, installed in the bathroom of 12 square meters. m., completely replaces the living “green decor” sun.


To the bathroom was warm and comfortable, the floors are made with water heated. Ceramic granite floors “under the tree” provide durability, water resistance, and at the same time give the room a warm atmosphere, in this case - not only visually.

Source: Country Response Program
Project: "Fitovannaya"

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