Design project of an apartment interior with a non-standard layout

In the design project of the interior of the apartment is 67.4 square meters. The original planning solution was implemented - a partition with a false window. In this case, having resorted to this non-standard reception, the designers were able to get a functional and ergonomic interior in a small area.

The apartment has everything necessary for comfortable living areas: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and also a children's room.

The partition, in which the sliding window is installed, separates the kitchen and the bedroom. In addition to the window, it has a door folding according to the principle of an accordion. When folded, it hides in a niche, freeing the opening, and thereby opening access to the kitchen daylight. The window can be curtained from the bedroom with the help of Roman curtains, or opened from the side of the kitchen.

Kitchen-living room

Eco-direction was chosen as the main style in the design project of the apartment interior. In the decoration of the kitchen-living room it is, above all, fitwalls made of moss over the sofa and dining areas, as well as the color combination of finishing materials.

The small kitchen has everything you need - a stove, a refrigerator, a sink, an oven, a cooktop, and there is a place for a dishwasher. Because of the non-standard location of the plate, the hood above it is insular.

Standing at the stove, the hostess can watch TV and chat with guests sitting at the bar counter. An unusual shape of the hob is separated from the refrigerator by a slate wall - here it will be convenient to write down a recipe, or leave a note to the child.


The bedroom was able to expand and even organize a small dressing room in it by joining the balcony to the living space. Like the rest of the premises, it is sustained in eco-style, natural materials and finishing colors create a feeling of natural cleanliness and comfort.

Children's room


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