Black ceiling in the room: features of design, design, types, combinations, photos

Black ceiling in the interior of the house will create a charming and mysterious atmosphere. Playing with light and texture, you can get an original and completely unique interior of the house. Black color is associated with the power and infinity of the cosmos.

Meaning and color features

Black is the color of strength and mystery. It can create a sense of security from the outside world. But at the same time, its use can lead to a depressed and depressed state. In many countries, black color refers to the mourning hues. At home, it should be used dosed to avoid the pressure of the atmosphere.

  • In a small room, dark color may hide space;
  • Glossy material will help to visually enlarge the room;
  • The black ceiling harmoniously looks with the contrasting color of the walls;
  • Black is best used in open light rooms.

The photo has a glossy stretch ceiling that helps visually enlarge the living room.

Ceiling types

Different finishing options allow you to create a unique interior, and the texture and materials will emphasize the chosen shade.


One of the most common finishing options is a suspended ceiling. The canvas is tensioned and fixed in the wall profile. Depending on the material chosen, the surface may be glossy, matte or satin, the difference in visual effect and the width of the canvas.

  • The glossy surface will visually increase the area of ​​the room due to the mirror effect.
  • Matte material has no reflective properties and creates a backstage atmosphere.
  • The satin fabric has a silky surface, the light gently spreads over the surface. In addition, this method of finishing hides irregularities.


For this method of finishing will require a smooth surface. Painting is carried out in three stages: priming the surface, applying the first layer, applying the second layer. For even application, proper illumination, energy-saving white light bulb is required.


It is made of two types: from drywall and rack, it hides bumps and allows you to create a multi-tiered complex structure. Sheets of drywall are mounted on the profile.

Rack type is built on the principle of mosaic, in the wall profile laid out slats. Rack type material can have any color and texture.


Wallpaper is the easiest option to finish. A smooth surface is also required for this. An interesting interior solution will be pasting with photo wallpapers, for example, with the image of the night sky.


Wood trim is suitable for interior decoration in country style, wood panels can be completely painted black or partly in the form of ceiling beams.

The photo wooden ceiling harmoniously looks with a contrasting color of the walls.

Glossy, matte or satin finish?

The appearance of the ceiling can drastically change the interior of the room. Different effects can change the area and style of the room.


Use in small rooms. The mirror effect visually pulls the space. Gloss will be a good choice for black, despite the dark shade, the room will not have the oppressive feeling and the effect of a low ceiling. The minus of the glossy material is the small width of the canvas, in the room of a standard size the seams will be visible.

The photo glossy stretch ceiling with a mirror effect.


Dark matte material creates a cozy backstage atmosphere in the house. The surface has no reflective properties and will eliminate light glare. Suitable for decoration of the hall and bedroom, in the kitchen its use is impractical due to the difficulty in cleaning. Matte canvas, unlike gloss, has a large width that will allow you to make the finish without joints. The same matte effect can be achieved with wallpaper and paint.


The material is a cross between a matte and glossy surface. Visually, it has a silky surface, gently reflects light, but has no mirror effect. Satin finish harmoniously looks in a classic and modern interior.

Combination with wallpaper

Black walls and black ceilingBold combination. Such design will require bright lighting and plenty of daylight.

White walls and black ceilingClassic color combination. The contrasting white color of the walls will brighten the room and make it more spacious.

Red walls and black ceilingThe perfect combination for home theater design. Wall-paper can be monophonic or with imitation of a bricklaying.

Gray walls and black ceilingThe gray color of the walls looks harmonious with a dark top. Wallpaper can be with imitation of plaster.
Beige walls and black ceilingBeige balances the room's color palette. Black does not look so screaming.

The combination with the color of the floor

Black floor and black ceilingWith a dark ceiling marble black floor or carpeting harmoniously looks. The walls are worth making a light shade.

White floor and black ceilingWhite floor will brighten the room, for reasons of practicality, you can use a small carpet.

Gray floor and black ceilingRich combination of colors. The interior will be complemented with decorative elements of gold or metallic color.

Wood floor and black ceilingThe tree harmoniously looks in any interior. You can use parquet, laminate or linoleum with wood imitation.

Bright floor and black ceilingBright flooring will add color to the interior of the room.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Living room

In the spacious living room you can use a matte surface and a play of light. In the living room combined with the kitchen, a partial decoration in dark color will help to zone the space, dividing the cooking zone from the place of rest. The same effect can be obtained using a multi-tiered structure.

In the photo, the ceiling finish is made in black and white, thus visually dividing the space into functional zones.

Dark color is suitable for decoration of the living room in a modern style. With wooden beams or ventilation pipe construction, you can get a loft or country style. For a small living room is more appropriate to use a glossy surface, reflective properties will help to visually double the area of ​​the room.


For practical reasons, you should choose a glossy surface, it is easy to clean. In addition, standard city apartments do not differ in spacious kitchens, which means reception with a mirrored surface will also help to expand the kitchen.

Successfully will look ceiling rack type or painted. For bright lighting, you can use an abundance of spotlights and LED strip along the kitchen.


In the bedroom, black creates an intimate and backstage atmosphere. You should not use glossy surfaces, with them the room will lose comfort. Registration can be in several tiers or with a smooth transition from a dark to a lighter shade.

In the classic interior will look harmoniously massive chandelier in metallic or gold color, which will become the main object of attention and give the bedroom a special charm. For a minimalist and modern room, spotlights can be used.

In the photo is a bedroom in a classic style with ceiling trim with a stretch canvas.


Decorating a children's room in such a dark shade will be an unusual interior solution. In pure black the room will be gloomy, a suitable option would be a combination with other shades. A good idea would be to finish the photo wallpaper with the image of the night sky, this option will support the light mood of the nursery.


Black top in the bathroom harmoniously looks with contrasting light color of the walls and floor. Metal hinged panels will be the best choice. The interior will be supplemented with black interior details, such as a mirror frame, stands for soap and toothbrushes, and a curbstone under the sink.

Corridor and hallway

Black color, which moves to one of the walls, for example with an entrance door, stretches the space. Black finish harmoniously looks in the open hallways, moving into the living room.

Balcony and Loggia

Due to the abundant availability of daylight, a balcony or loggia will not seem small and dark. In combination with light walls, the interior will be complemented by a pair of bar stools or a chair bag. It will turn out to be a cozy place for morning coffee or evening rest.

Combination with other colors

Black and white

Classic color combination. Black can be taken as a basis, and inserts or moldings are painted in white.

The photo shows a black and white ceiling in a classic style with a volume chandelier.

Black red

Using a combination of black and red, you can get a room in Asian style. A smooth transition from one color to another is suitable for finishing a bathroom or hallway.

Black and gray

Depending on the grayscale chosen, the interior will be of a classic or modern character.

Black and gold

The combination of black and gold creates an atmosphere of luxury. Gold details can be in the form of individual decorative elements or chandeliers.

In the photo there is a classic-style living room with black and gold trim.

Black and blue

Tones close to each other are associated with the night sky or deep sea. Despite the dark shades, the interior of the room bears a soothing character.

Black and orange and black and yellow

The combination is suitable for the interior in a modern style and retro. Bright colors can be repeated in the decoration or furniture.

Ceiling design

Two-level and multi-level

As a rule, the repair of the ceiling in two or more levels is made of drywall. Such a design is suitable for the bedroom and living room in a classic and modern style. Finishing can be done in one color or different shades. With the help of multi-level design, you can achieve the effect of a ceiling soaring in the air, this will help lighting, recessed in one of the levels.

In the photo, the main color of the two-level ceiling is taken black, and the drywall insert is painted white.

Patterns and ornaments

Patterns can be made using hand-painted or using wallpaper. The selected pattern can support the overall theme of the room or become the main accent of the room.

With an image

Modern technology allows you to put any image on the canvas. A light black background with a pattern is suitable for finishing a bedroom, a spacious living room or a nursery. The image style will display the stylistic direction of the room.

Starry sky or galaxy design

The image of the galaxy or the starry sky is suitable for finishing the children's room. Drawing is applied manually or using photo printing. The picture is complemented by small spotlights.

The photo shows a dark diamond-shaped ceiling with a starry sky.


Ceiling with sparkles suitable for finishing the kitchen and living room. The technology of the tension structure is used, small-fraction reflective elements are applied to the surface, which creates a flickering effect.

Round ceiling

Suspended design round shape will mark the center of the room or recreation area. Suitable for decoration of the hall in a modern style.


The combination of drywall and tensioning element allows you to create complex structures, the central part can be decorated with a picture.

With beams

Wooden character beams for country style interior and loft. The color may differ from the background or have the same shade.

The photo has a black matte ceiling with massive wooden beams.


Light fixtures

Spotlights and spots harmoniously look in a modern interior. Directional light will highlight the necessary zones, as well as create a play of light on a dark surface.

A low hanging lamp above the dining table will help separate the cooking area from the dining area.


Bulk chandeliers will decorate the classic interior. In combination with black gold or metal chandelier will look especially gorgeous. Such a choice of lighting suitable for a bedroom or living room, will look harmoniously on a matte background.

Ceiling lighting ribbon

With the help of LED tape creates the feeling of a ceiling floating in the air. The tape is hidden between the tiers. Decorating with LED strip is suitable for high-tech interior design.

In the photo there is a small hallway with LED ceiling lighting.

Choice of plinth

White plinth will lighten the dark shade. On the contrast of colors you can use massive decorative baseboards, they will especially stand out. This option is suitable for an apartment in a classic style.

The black plinth will increase the surface area, a beautiful relief will be visible, rolling over from the wall.

Also, the plinth should have a color that echoes the decor items.

Photos in different interior styles

Minimalism and hi-tech

A flat one-level ceiling is suitable for a minimalist interior. For high-tech style, you can use the backlight in the form of spotlights or LED strip. The interior is made in two or three primary colors.


The loft-style ceiling can be decorated with pipes or ceiling beams; they can be the same shade or color. Roughly plastered black surface also looks good.

In the photo there is a loft-style living room with metal trim on the ceiling.


Classic interior decorate matte or satin ceiling. The stylistic direction will emphasize the elegant ceiling plinth and volume chandelier.

The choice of black color in the interior of the house will be an unusual and bold decision. The selected decoration material will help to increase the space or give the room a special charm. Having picked up the correct application, the black ceiling will decorate any room.

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