White laminate in the interior: 60 photos, types, design, color combination, styles

White laminate is not only beautiful, but also a practical solution for interior decoration of the house. “Playing” with shapes, colors and textures you can create an original and interesting design.

Features (pros and cons)

Undoubtedly, a spectacular solution to the interior design of an apartment has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • On a light background, dust is less noticeable, but more dirt is visible;
  • White color visually increases the area of ​​the room;
  • The direction of the boards will adjust the interior space, pulling it out or expanding it;
  • White color goes well with any shades of walls and furniture;
  • White laminate blends well with many styles in the interior.

In the photo there is a bright living room with a white laminate, a bright filling in the form of furniture and elements of decoration.

Surface types and design


Effective way to finish. Gloss will not just decorate the interior, but also visually increase the room due to the reflecting properties. However, over time, scratches appear that are especially noticeable on a glossy surface. When cleaning may remain noticeable stains.


The varnished coating, unlike the glossy one, reflects not only light, but also objects. The material also looks spectacular in white, but, unfortunately, even high-class laminate will eventually lose its appearance.


A more common type of finish. Matte laminate has a stronger surface and can imitate indistinguishably relief and wood design. In addition, the matte finish is more practical and fits almost any style.

In the photo bedroom in a modern style. The headboard of the bed and the curtains of the same shade are used as bright details in the interior.

Under the tile

Laminate tiles can be divided into two types. Separate elements in the form of tiles and large segments that hold several tiles. Coating is different from the process of calculations from the usual laminate.


Antique white laminate will look gorgeous in a classic, Provence, loft, modern interior. The patched surface with patina patches is combined with furniture of smooth shapes and straight lines.


The relief and texture of the wood applied to the surface of the laminate, allows you to imitate indistinguishably natural wood.


The seamless coating forms a completely smooth surface without gaps. The material is easy to install and does not require special care.

With an image

An interesting way is suitable for interior decoration of the living room, bedroom or children's room. A drawing can decorate each tile of a laminate or each element forms one pattern on the floor. In the latter case, the coating is laid out in a certain order.

With inscriptions

The flooring with inscriptions is suitable for interior decoration in a modern style. As well as another drawing, inscriptions can be on each board or be components of one large inscription.


Streaks imitate the pattern of wood in a cut. On a white background, they may be colorless or, on the contrary, of a contrasting dark shade.

Under the board

The most popular type of color laminate board. Technology allows you to copy the pattern and texture of painted wooden boards.

Styling options

Laying in a straight line

A simple way of calculating, the direction starts from the door. The arrangement may be longitudinal or transverse. It can visually adjust the space, making the narrow room wider due to the transverse arrangement of the board or, on the contrary, longer with the longitudinal layout.

In the photo office in a modern style. The interior is filled with decor in blue.


With a diagonal method of laying material consumes more on average by 20-30%. The method of installation is different from the "direct", the assembly begins with the center or corner of the room at an angle of 45 degrees. This way of finishing makes the room more spacious.


For this method of finishing you will need a special-shaped laminate and other locks. Laminate flooring, laid out in the form of a Christmas tree, looks original and looks like a parquet floor.

The photo is a bright living room in a modern style. Laminate board laid out in the "Christmas tree".

Artistic laminate

It has non-standard sizes of tiles and forms a pattern when assembled. Visually, the coating is similar to parquet. However, the laminate is much easier to assemble and has a lower price.

The diagram shows examples of laying laminate in different ways.

With or without chamfer

Chamfers are called beveled edges near the laminate. A small bevel can form U-shaped or V-shaped grooves on the assembled surface. Chamfers can be located both on the long side and frame all 4 parts of the board.

Using laminate with a longitudinal chamfer the room will appear longer. The coating with quadrilateral chamfers brings together the similarity with natural wood. There is no fundamental difference in the material, the only inconvenience may be in the care, dust and dirt may clog in the gap.

In the photo on the left laminate with a facet, on the right - without chamfer.

Laminate form

Rectangular board

Rectangular board is the most common finish. Laying in one direction or another helps to make the room wider or longer. The rectangular shape imitates a wooden board better and is perfect for the interior of compact rooms.

The photo shows a compact living room in the neoclassic style with a white rectangular laminate and an accent wall of dark gray color.

Square board

The square shape perfectly mimics the parquet floor. The principle of laying does not differ from the usual laminate, except that the square does not require a substrate. Laminated square shape looks spectacular and will look best in the interior of a spacious room due to the drawing.

Photos in the interior


Modern technologies allow the use of laminate as a floor covering and in the kitchen, without any damage to it. White color will be an excellent background, in combination with which the filling of any shade will look harmonious. The set can be both a discreet pastel shade, and a deep dark color. For the interior of the kitchen the best solution would be to use vinyl laminate, it is more “hardy” to moisture.

Living room

White laminate in the interior of the living room will look spectacular and visually make the room more. The pattern and texture of wood on the floor, the decoration of walls of discreet colors and pieces of furniture of smooth shapes will be concisely combined in a classic interior, forming a single picture.

Smooth white surface successfully combined with more bold colors. Bright color of the walls, brickwork or extravagant furniture, various combinations can create a unique modern interior, fashionable loft or a gentle Provence.


The white floor in combination with the light finish of the walls and ceiling forms an incredibly open and light bedroom. Furniture can be in harmony in the same tone with the finish or be of a contrasting dark tone. Particularly successful solutions will be the design of the bedroom in Provence, classic, minimalist and Scandinavian styles.

The photo is a stylish bedroom in a modern style. The minimalistic design is decorated with bright yellow elements.


White laminate will make the interior of the children's room brighter and will be the perfect solution for the background color. Laminate can cover soft carpet of playful colors. In addition, the laminate is easy to clean and does not collect dust, unlike carpet.

Corridor and hallway

White flooring will definitely look spectacular in the interior corridor or hallway. A small room will be visually spacious and lighter, and there will be enough wet cleaning to maintain cleanliness.

Color combination

White gray

The colors are close and harmoniously look together. Gray color can be present as one of the colors of the pattern or as a vein on the board "under the tree." The combination is suitable for interior decoration in a modern, classic, loft, Scandinavian style.

Black and white

Contrast black and white combination will decorate the modern design in the interior. Depending on what color prevails the appearance of the room will change, with a basic white tone, the design will be bright with bright accents, while the black background will make the interior brutal.

In the photo is a kitchen-studio in a modern style. Black cross strips visually make the room wider.

White brown

Warm combination will look good in artistic style. The combination is perfect for finishing in a classic interior. Also colors harmoniously look in a classical rectangular tile with wood imitation.

Non-standard surfaces for decoration: walls and ceilings

In addition to the usual floor finish, you can apply fantasy and make the interior unusual and interesting. The walls are finished with laminate of the same color as the floor will be its continuation, the surface will look like a single unit. Also, the accent wall may differ from the finish of other surfaces, the result will also be spectacular and unusual.

The original interior solution will be laminate ceiling. Unusual material may overlap with the floors of the overall pattern or colors.

How to choose the color of the walls? What wallpapers are suitable?

The main advantage of white color is the ability to combine with absolutely any shade.

  • The color of the walls can be any. Depending on the nature of the shade, the interior will be filled with light or will be with subdued lighting.
  • White laminate looks harmonious with dark tones wallpaper. He balances colors by "calming them down."
  • With the white color of the floor wallpaper of any shade will look rich and expressive.

The combination with the color of the ceiling

To give the maximum amount of light in the interior of the room, the color of the floor and ceiling can be done in white, and as a bright accent choose wallpaper. The design will be light and airy. A dark or black ceiling will also look quite harmoniously with a light floor covering, the paints will balance each other, maintaining balance.

How to choose a plinth?

The white plinth will be a continuation of the floor and a smooth transition to the walls. The border between the surfaces will be blurred and smooth. The black plinth will draw a visible line between the planes and delimit them. Having chosen black color of plinths, it is necessary to consider that any roughness will be noticeable.

How to choose the color of the door?

The color of the doors should be combined with the overall picture of the design and stylistic direction. For example, black, wenge and dark brown doors will harmoniously look in a modern interior.

White and light brown decorate the classic, Scandinavian and Provence style. But, taking into account the peculiarities of the design idea, almost any shade can correspond to the chosen style of the room.

Which furniture to choose?

White furniture will blend in with the flooring, but against the contrasting background of the walls it will be quite appropriate and harmonious to look. Dark gray and brown furniture will contrast with the floor, while preserving the visual space of the room.

Shades of white oak, white ash, white pear

White color has many shades, in the imposition on the texture of the wood of different species is a unique combination.

  • Painted white oak has a cold shade with a gray tint.
  • White ash, on the contrary, refers more to a warm palette and has a yellowish tint.
  • The white pear resembles pearl tints, it combines light pink, gray and blue dyes.

The photo shows a modern bright bedroom with white oak laminate. The design is completely made in white, with some elements of black.

What styles are suitable white laminate


For modern areas, such as high-tech or minimalism, white laminate will be one of the best interior solutions. Color supports the severity and simplicity of design, while visually multiplying the space and looks very impressive.

The photo shows the interior of the room in a modern style, the design is made in white and gray with accents of bright green tone.


The classic and neoclassical interior with light wood flooring will be an elegant and at the same time luxurious design. Warm shades such as white ash are suitable for decoration.


For Scandinavian design, white tone can be considered an integral part in the design. Cold shades of white flooring in combination with other light pastel details form the interior, filled to the maximum with light.

In the photo kitchen in the Scandinavian style, made in white. The design has simple shapes and is supplemented with wooden elements.


The lightness of the light finish emphasizes the lightness of the gentle and romantic style of Provence. White laminate "under the tree" with the effect of aging will ideally fit into the picture of style.

White laminate flooring will be a good idea for repair, both in a compact city apartment and in a spacious country house. Color successfully combines with different styles, colors and lighting.

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