Forged tables: photos, types, shapes, design, types of table tops

Forged tables are truly luxurious furniture, which is a sign of consistency and influence. In addition, these products not only have an elegant and presentable appearance, but also are durable and durable.

Forged table types

There are several models.


Such attached structures may differ in the most varied forms and have, wooden, acrylic, glass or any other tabletop. Journal models allow you to conveniently store various correspondence or, for example, work behind a laptop.

In the photo, a forged round coffee table in the living room interior.


Ladies' dressing table has a unique, elegant and luxurious look. These boudoir designs, undoubtedly become the central interior element, attracting views and causing interest.

On the photo is a dressing table decorated with wrought iron elements with floral motifs.


Such bedside tables in cold metal design, thanks to the magnificent design in the form of curls, spirals, baskets, branches and other elements, allow you to bring to the atmosphere a special charm and give the interior a characteristic.


Due to the surprising combination of all the details, the written models do not clutter and do not weigh down the space. Sometimes the designs are supplemented with convenient boxes for storing paper, office and other things.


It may have a wooden, glass or marble countertop. For a small-sized kitchen or dining room, a small, medium-sized round table is perfect; for a more spacious room, an elongated model with rounded edges would be an excellent option.


Elite coffee products made of metal, thanks to fancy patterns, give the situation a special luxury and royal chic.


Perfectly harmonizes with the picturesque landscape and perfectly complements the exterior. For the application of garden forged structures in the open space, they are treated with special anti-corrosion compounds that can withstand any weather vagaries.

Forged table shapes

The most common form options.


It is considered the most favorable interior shape, visually softening spatial perception and further emphasizing the beauty of the entire design.

On the photo is a wrought-iron dining table of a round shape with a glass base.


Forged furniture, due to its sophistication and intricately glittering metal lace, gives the situation a truly stylish and respectable look.


These constructions make it possible to preserve the functionality of the room and to save the usable area in it to the maximum. Corner products, undoubtedly attract attention and become a real interior decoration.


It is a rather beautiful form, which despite its smoothness and a bit simple appearance, gives the interior a bright expressiveness.


Compact, functional, lightweight and stylish semicircular models with forged legs or fancy underframes, allow you to set the tone for the whole environment.


Due to forging, it turns out to perform a variety of fancy shapes that have a truly exotic look. The unusual figure design will give the interior unsurpassed splendor.

Photo tables in the interior of the apartment

Photo examples of forged products in various rooms.

For kitchen

Due to fancy decorative metal elements, it turns out to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen and set the desired mood for it. Forged kitchen dining table in a single composition with metal backs of chairs, will be a great addition to any interior.

On the photo is a wrought-iron table with a wooden base in the interior of a modern kitchen.

To the bedroom

These models perfectly perform the function of the bedside table. They also easily have a book, night light or various decorative elements. Most often, small square or round tables are used to decorate the bedroom.

To the office

Constructions with a marble worktop in the interior of the cabinet look very solid and thorough. Also emphasize the status of the situation, you can use a wrought-iron desk with a base made of wood.

In the photo there is a cabinet and a forged writing desk with a base made of wood.

In the children's room

In this room it is necessary to comply with the measure in the design, since when using a large number of iron and cast-iron elements, the nursery can acquire a cold and uncomfortable appearance. Laconic products with minimal decorative elements, perfectly fit into the situation and do not weigh down the space.

In the hallway or corridor

For a hallway or a corridor, a small unpretentious construction for storing various trifles would be an excellent solution. It may have a marble, wood or glass tabletop and have a variety of bends in the legs.

In the living room

A coffee or coffee table with forging elements for the hall, brings into the room a special magnetism, charm and romantic notes and perfectly matches the setting and its stylistics.

In the photo there is a living room and a place near the fireplace, decorated with a wrought coffee table.

To the balcony

Small coffee, corner or compact folding tables, with filigree metal tie, do not look cumbersome, give the balcony space airiness, high cost, good taste and form a comfortable relaxation zone on the loggia.

In the photo there is a wrought-iron coffee table in the interior of a spacious loggia.

Examples in a private house and to the country

Variants of the cottage and country house:

  • In the gazebo. Here, the most appropriate design with wooden countertops, which due to its natural appearance, in the fresh air, look the most harmonious.
  • For garden. For outdoor dacha, it is best to choose metal or stone countertops.
  • Veranda. Thanks to their artistic performance and elegant look, these models, in combination with similar benches, become an excellent country option that can decorate any veranda.
  • Terrace. Elegant forging elements, especially in harmony with the natural and natural atmosphere and with the stems of plants.

In the photo there is a veranda decorated with a wrought-iron table with a glass base combined with similar chairs.

Table Tops for Tables

The most popular types.


Table tops made of transparent glass or acrylic, allow you to admire all the artistic curls and bends. In addition, the glass surface is ideally combined with metal, which complements the appearance of the entire product.


A natural epoxy wooden countertop, an oak, cherry, walnut, alder or pine base, combined with elegant hand-forged, will add to the atmosphere of spectacularity, luxury and at the same time some severity and restraint.


Marble tabletop or base of artificial stone on forged legs, due to the extensive color range, undoubtedly becomes an ornament to any design.

Forged table design options

Original design solutions.

With mosaic

Thanks to such striking in expressiveness and depth, bright and unique patterns and ornaments made of mosaic tiles, it turns out to add to the surrounding environment of novelty and mystery.

With mirror

The mirror surface, in the daytime, reflects the shine of the sun's rays, due to which the product acquires sparkling and flickering edges. In the evening hours, this model in its depth reflects the lights from candles or other soft lighting.


With the help of artistic coloring patina bronze, green, gold or silver hue, it turns out to give the table a special exquisite aesthetics.

On one leg

Due to this extraordinary design, you can easily create an atmospheric, stylish and memorable design.


They are distinguished by a special airiness and openwork beauty and represent a model of elegance and style, which combines the motives of antiquity and a modern approach to interior aesthetics.

In the photo there is a white forged table with an openwork design in the exterior of the garden.

Design Ideas for Tables in Different Styles

These tables fit perfectly in almost any stylistic decisions:

  • Provence. Forged models perfectly complement the atmosphere of the French Provence and emphasize its special color, forming a cozy and hospitable interior.
  • Classic. Outlandish and delicate patterns are fine forging work, especially associated with a rich, elegant, but at the same time strict classical design.
  • Loft. These metal structures, due to their brutality, massiveness and artistic and aesthetic rudeness, become an integral element of the urban orientation.
  • Modern Products with forging perfectly fit this style. Graceful legs with smooth contours, rounded lines, resembling floral motifs or flowers, are a hallmark of modernity.
  • Country Forging is considered an almost essential attribute of rustic style. Here brass or bronze elements with the effect of artificial aging or patching look especially harmonious.

In the photo there is a loft-style living room with a wrought iron table decorated with metal rivets.

These designs completely change and ennoble the interior and always give it a very stylish, unusual and noble look.

Photo gallery

Forged tables, thanks to the elegant and sophisticated performance, make a truly amazing impression and, despite their incredibly reliable and solid look, endow the atmosphere with weightlessness and elegance.

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