Crafts from stones and sea pebbles

Making different compositions, decor from natural material does not require special skills or abilities: for this you just need to use simple and detailed instructions. Below we described how to make a variety of stone crafts. It can be as simple paintings and applications, as well as unusual figures, products for decorating walls and furniture. Also, from sea or river pebbles, you can easily update an old photo frame, a vase or make a completely new cool candlestick. Decorative crafts are easily made and do not need to use special tools or expensive materials. Most of the reviewed crafts can be made with children and teenagers. In this case, the resulting products will not only have an unusual appearance, but can also be useful in everyday life, used to develop attention, memory and fine motor skills in children.

Features of the material and crafts

Natural stones are ideal for making various crafts by adults and children. Such a material has a high wear resistance, so even after a long time, the made picture or three-dimensional figure will retain its original appearance. To connect the stones is usually used universal silicone glue. You can also connect them together or glue to the base with a glue gun. When preparing stones for use, it is essential to degrease them. Such a procedure will ensure good adhesion of the material surface to any substrate. It is recommended to use acrylic paints, nail polishes, as well as felt-tip pens as coloring compositions for stones. Gouache when fixing varnish can be partially erased. The final processing of natural stone can be carried out with clear varnish or wax (if the stone is not painted and not glued).


What stones to use

The most popular types of stones used for handicrafts are sea and river pebbles. Her adults and children can easily gather up during the summer holidays or during walks on the banks of the river or the sea at any other time of the year. Due to the constant impact of water, they have a neat rounded shape, a smoothed surface. Minimal porosity of pebbles provides high-quality adhesion to the stone surface of any varnishes and paints. Practically flat pebbles with even shapes are considered ideal for work: an oval, a circle. But also from volumetric stones it is possible to make the most realistic crafts in the form of various animals, figures.

Glass pebbles (with ideally even or unusual shapes), as well as fake stones can be used as additional materials. Imitations of natural stones are sold in handmade shops in different shades and shapes.

Decoupage on stones

It is possible to make a fairly simple and quick decoration of such natural materials as pebbles using ordinary napkins. Decoupage is easy and fast, allowing you to get a custom decoration for the house. For work it is recommended to use pebbles with minimal porosity and one smooth side. Additionally, you will need white acrylic paint, PVA, a flat wide brush. The work itself is done by hand in this master class:

  1. The stone is degreased (with acetone or nail polish remover), then coated with a sponge with white acrylic paint.
  2. A sheet with a color pattern is separated from the napkin (white napkin leaves are not used). By the size of a pebble, a suitable image is cut out, an element.
  3. PVA is diluted with water (in the ratio of 2 to 1). A cut piece of napkin is applied to the stone.
  4. A wide, dense brush is dipped in a diluted PVA, then the cloth is coated with this glue. It is necessary to glue it with pushing movements so as not to dislodge.
  5. After the glue dries, the pebble is covered with colorless varnish.


Painting of stones

Another way to decorate sea and river pebbles is their painting. The work is recommended to be carried out with the help of acrylic paints: they dry quickly, they are not lubricated with a protective coating with varnish. You can paint on stones any patterns: stripes, dots, curls. To create simple children's crafts, you can choose more unusual motifs, for example, to make such collections:

  • with different insects (butterfly, ladybugs, beetles);
  • in rainbow colors (to study colors);
  • in the form of planets;
  • in the form of fairy-tale houses and their inhabitants (fairies, unicorns, humans, elves);
  • with different trees;
  • with animals (for example, with forest, domestic, sea).

The painting can be carried out simply on a pebble (without base) or on a white primer. Collections with drawings of white paint, made on identical (or maximally similar in color) gray-brown pebbles, look very nice.


Panels and paintings

From simple pebbles, as well as imitations of precious and semi-precious stones, you can create amazing pictures with your own hands. The work can be carried out according to different technologies: using a monochromatic background, a prepared picture. The following workshops are perfect for creating such a decor:

  • Display panel "Aquarium".

On a piece of cardboard drawn seabed and its inhabitants. Pebbles and shells are glued to the bottom with a glue gun.

  • Silhouette paintings.

A small sheet of plywood is covered with primer. Over it a silhouette is drawn with a pencil (very neatly). Inside this silhouette, stones of different sizes are stuck. In this way, you can make pictures in the form of trees, houses, flowers, animals.

  • Pictures with color base.

On cardboard the finished drawing is printed - the city, the landscape. For work imitation of stones in different colors is used. The stones are glued on top of the elements with the corresponding color (green or yellow on the trees, brown on the ground).


Decor items

Beautiful sea or river pebbles can easily decorate any piece of furniture. To style personal items you can use the following ideas and tips:

  • Vases.

A vase can be completely pasted over with small pebbles, or you can lay out ornate patterns on the surface of this vase from stones, make volumetric stripes.

  • Photo Frames.

For work it is recommended to use stones of different sizes and colors. Additionally, you can paste over the frame with dried asterisks or ordinary shells.

  • Light fixtures.

The lamp leg (or the bottom of the stand) can be pasted over with a variety of stones. However, this option is more suitable for table lamps in gray-brown, beige or coffee color.

  • Clock.

With the help of stones, you can easily update the clock frame. To do this, around the perimeter (or circumference) should be glued different in size stones. Made such watches "sea" will help glued shells.

  • Candlesticks.

You can not only paste over the old simple candlestick (in the form of a cube or a parallelepiped), but also create a new beautiful lamp from a wide glass, half-liter jar. Stones should be put down the vessel, pour water. Place a tablet candle on top.

Rugs and kitchen coasters

Using sea and river pebbles, it is quite simple to make not only developing crafts or cool décor, but also useful products. For example, using plywood as a base, stylish coasters for hot are easily made. The work is carried out in such a master class:

  1. Plywood is sawn into small squares.
  2. Stones with approximately the same thickness are glued to the pieces of plywood.
  3. The empty space between the stones is filled with epoxy resin.

Also obtained from the stones and very beautiful rugs for the hallway, bathroom. They are suitable for use in baths, saunas. You can make them yourself as follows:

  1. On an old rubber mat, glue the pebbles previously degreased with acetone or alcohol. To work fit universal silicone glue or glue gun.
  2. The edges of the rug should be smeared with silicone glue (for additional fixation of the stones).
  3. Let the glue harden. If desired, pour a small layer of glue, epoxy resin between the stones. Or "fasten" the elements tiled grout.

For the manufacture of a rug in the hallway or room is allowed to use a piece of carpet. But its edges after gluing the stones need to be treated with glue.

Garden decor

Large pebbles can be used not only to decorate the house, but also to decorate the garden. The most interesting ideas for improving landscape design include:

  • Laying tracks.

The path can be completely laid out of pebbles or used to frame a concrete path.

  • Installation of the fountain.

For this task, large boulders are used, in the center of which a hole is drilled. Then they are fixed among themselves (observing the coincidence of the holes in the individual elements). After being connected to the pump, installation.

  • Dry trickle.

Very stylish "trickle" can be made from stones of different sizes, which are laid out inside a shallow trench.

  • Decoration flower beds.

Colored pebbles (or, for example, white and rose quartz) are used to decorate flowerbeds. Pebbles are located between individual plants, shrubs. The advantage of this decor is additional protection from weeds.

  • Making statuettes.

Surreal garden decor is able to improve any area in the country or near a country cottage. Both large boulders and small pebbles are used to create such unusual stone figurines. They are usually laid out a slide or simply fixed between each other with glue.

Stone carving and engraving

Making stone decor by carving and engraving is quite difficult, but quite doable task. To create handicrafts you will need: a special engraver with nozzles for stone and mini grinding wheels, protective equipment (goggles, mask, gloves), wax, water, felt-tip pen. The manufacture of products is carried out according to the following master class:

  1. A pattern is drawn on the degreased stone with a felt-tip pen.
  2. With the help of the engraver, the pattern is cut out.
  3. The resulting dust is washed off with water, the stone is dried or wiped dry.
  4. Polished stone (to give smoothness, if necessary).
  5. Then the stone is rubbed with wax or varnished.

On porous stones it is better to draw not with a felt-tip pen, but with wax crayons. Also, the selection of nozzles for the engraver should be carried out on the basis of the characteristics of the stone: its density, friability, structure.


Decor of flower pots using sea pebbles

An ordinary plastic flower pot can be turned into a real work of art using sea or river pebbles. You can learn more about such a transformation in the following master class:

  1. Completely process the plastic pot with small abrasive sandpaper.
  2. For pasting, select the smallest pebbles with the same shade (for example, gray, coffee or gray-white).
  3. The flower pot is completely covered with pebbles. Fixing stones by using a glue gun.
  4. When the glue hardens, you can begin to paint the pebbles. It can be an image of a pattern, silhouette. For work acrylic paint is used.
  5. After drying, the finished product is covered with a transparent varnish.

The work can be simplified simply by using stones of different shapes and colors. But they should not be too voluminous or large.

Ideas for creativity with children

Every child will enjoy working with stones and creating non-standard products, since such material is rarely used for creativity. Together with your child you can make the following crafts out of pebbles:

  • Applications.

By pre-coloring the stones in different colors, you can make applications in the form of caterpillars, butterflies, and flowers.

  • Volume figures.

From a pair of flat small stones and one large can make a simple frog. You can also get cute stone dolls by drawing men on large stones and sticking their hair out of knitting threads.

  • Interior decor.

Coloring the pebbles in green and pink, yellow colors can make cute cacti. They are recommended to be installed in a flower pot. Also, laying out a few pebbles nearby and making a general pattern on them, you can make a nice decor for a table in the form of a stone puzzle.



Work on the manufacture of various stone crafts takes a minimum of time, and the resulting products look not only unusual, but also very original. On the stones, you can simply draw or use them as a basis for decoupage. Volumetric pictures of various stones look very unusual. And if you pre-paint the stones in bright colors, it will not be difficult to make a ridiculous appliqué. In addition to simple pebble decor, craftsmen who have an engraver available can create cool pendants or installations with patterns for the home. As a useful crafts for the home can be created special supports for flower pots, under the hot, rugs. Work on making handicrafts will appeal to both adults and children. You just need to pick up an interesting workshop, prepare the necessary materials, tools and follow the described instructions.

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