Blue color in the interior: combinations, design ideas, 67 photos

Blue color in the interior it creates a feeling of peace, relaxation, for many it is associated with the sky, the sea. This is an intermediate tone between white and blue, a compromise of these colors is suitable for any room with the correct selection of shades.

Blue color refers to cold colors, it is the color of nature, helps to calm, create confidence, mental activity. The interior of the room in blue tones, if used improperly, can become tasteless, cause fatigue and depression.

The interior design in blue tones involves the use of different shades, not only absolutely blue, it is turquoise, cornflower blue, heavenly, cyan. Such tones make the room cool, visually push the walls and therefore suitable for low and small rooms.

In the photo, the muted turquoise color of the facade of kitchen furniture in combination with blue walls create a gentle style that is close to the rustic and Provencal style.

What colors does blue match in the interior?

Blue is combined with many colors, subject to the rule of combination in the interior: pale shades are combined with pastel tones, and bright shades - with bright colors.

  • White-blue interior is most often used in the design of the bathroom. This combination creates the effect of weightlessness, promotes relaxation. Because of this, the blue and white color adds light and is best suited for rooms with small windows. This combination does not require bright elements of decor, otherwise the effect of airiness disappears, but the pastel shades of beige and pink would be appropriate.

  • Gray-blue color in the interior is suitable for creating a moderate coolness. Gray is a neutral tone, and soft gray with pastel blue creates an impression of freshness and coolness.

  • The beige-blue interior is a classic combination of colors and is most often used to design a small living room or kitchen. Blue ceiling and light beige walls increase the size of the room, this combination makes the space warm and light at the same time.

In the photo interior beige-blue kitchen. Design in three colors: dominant blue, beige and black is permissible in the presence of space. Floor and ceiling should be the same color.

  • The brown-blue interior is considered to be very harmonious when combining any shades. Heavenly color can be used as the main one, complementing it with light woody shades. Deep shades are suitable for a large living room, a spacious study and create a presentable look of the room.

  • The green-blue interior is suitable for decorating a nursery, bedroom, living room. It is the color of grass and sky, so this natural combination is widespread. Deep blue complements the deep green, and a neutral tone complements the delicate pistachio color.

  • Blue-blue interior expands the space. When combining similar colors, it is necessary to select furniture of one tone, and the color of the walls - another. Blue color on a blue background looks bright, closer to turquoise.

  • Pink-blue interior suitable for a child's room. Blue combines both cold and warm shades of pink. Pastel colors create a seating area and do not seem boring with the balance of colors.

  • The orange-blue interior emphasizes the note of the awakening of nature and energy. This combination is suitable for the kitchen or nursery. Bright accents give calm blue dynamism and cheerfulness.

  • Yellow and blue in the interior complement each other, so the coolness of the blue tone softens the bright yellow and fills it with sunshine, a big plus is that the duet of these colors does not reduce the effect of visual expansion of the room.

Blue color in the interior: review by room

In a room for any purpose, the blue walls in the interior will emphasize its functionality, provided the correct combination of colors and combination with furniture.

Living room

Blue color in the interior of the living room can create the effect of coolness or comfort, it depends on the selected shade.

  1. To create a warm living room fit combination with beige, brown tones.
  2. The moderate interior can be diluted with textiles of saturated colors and bold textures.
  3. The combination of shades allows you to divide the living room into areas of leisure and work.
  4. Brown furniture on the background of light blue walls gives the room warmth and location to the conversation.
  5. The accent blue wall will help to narrow the room, to raise the ceiling - it is necessary to paint it in a light blue color. It is not recommended to use these techniques together.

In the photo, the living room in pale blue with a combination of white looks fresh and cool. Wooden table, laminate and accent-wall bring comfort, and curtains complement the interior color of the walls.


Blue walls are the tone to create any idea, so you can change the design of the kitchen, making a new decor and leaving the walls still blue.

  1. This color is recommended to use for a narrow well-lit room.
  2. In the kitchen, the blue color of the walls is recommended to be complemented with bright accents of orange, pink and green.
  3. Light blue is suitable for creating country style, shebbi-chic, Provence.
  4. It is best to give preference to matte texture, to make natural materials in the form of wooden furniture, cotton textiles and curtains.
  5. To create a neutral kitchen fit combination with lilac, light green, gray, beige and light pink.
  6. To create a bright kitchen, blue should be combined with yellow, red and orange.
  7. Striped walls will increase the space of the kitchen, wallpaper with flowers suitable for Provence style.
  8. When finishing the kitchen with gray, white wallpaper, you can use blue-tone headsets.
  9. It is better to select curtains in a strip, in a cage, with patterns and colors.

In the photo, the kitchen in blue is accentuated by a bright blue dining table, a wide glass door makes the interior airy, and white curtains are weightless.


Blue color in the interior of the bedroom relaxes, promotes healthy sleep, creates the effect of spaciousness and freshness.

  1. The bedroom in blue colors is easy to make cold and uncomfortable if the main color is very much in the interior.
  2. The bedroom can be neutral when combined with white, beige, gray, brown. For example, the white and blue design is suitable for a sunny bedroom, for its cooling color.
  3. The bedroom can be made in the same color with lavender, blue and lilac color.
  4. It is better to add bright colors in the form of an accent wall and decorative elements: paintings, textiles, carpet.
  5. Blue as the dominant is combined with yellow, green, orange, pink accents in the details. For example, a combination with pink creates a retro effect, green and blue are combined through white objects, blue and yellow create a feeling of summer.
  6. Gray, brown furniture is suitable for the blue bedroom, mirrors and glass tables are appropriate. Inappropriate black and red furniture.
  7. The bedroom can be decorated in a thematic sea or winter style, with the addition of appropriate accessories (sand in bottles, paintings, seashells, artificial snow and Christmas attributes).

In the photo, the blue bedroom looks gently in combination with the dark floor and white soft carpet, and the floor lamps create a warm, muffled light.


Blue in the interior of the bathroom is a common variant of color. He creates both neutral and bright image of the bathroom.

  1. It is best to use a light blue tint rather than a deep one.
  2. To achieve the effect of depth, you can paint half the wall from the floor in dark blue, and the other half in light blue or white.
  3. The bathroom can be decorated in green and blue colors with white fixtures.
  4. Metallic gray color combined with blue are suitable for high-tech style.
  5. Matt marine tiles (ships, dolphins) are suitable for a bathroom in white and blue colors.
  6. The ceiling in the bathroom is usually made white, but you can make it blue or with a picture of the sky.
  7. The lighting in the bathroom should not be bright and cold, but warm.
  8. Plumbing should be with smooth lines of white or light beige.
  9. Chrome handles, white carpet, monochromatic ceramics will organically complement the interior.

In the photo bathroom in blue. Soft blue tiles, mosaic, white plumbing and chrome elements create the effect of freshness.

On the photo is a modern-style bathroom. Juicy shade of blue, mirror and glass visually expands the room. Glossy walls are diluted with a gray mosaic and make the bathroom stylish.

Photos of the interior in blue

Below are photo examples of the use of blue in the decoration of various rooms.



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