The choice of mirrors in the bathroom: types, shapes, decor, color, options with a picture, lighting

Mirror in the bathroom will create a pleasant and comfortable environment. Due to the mirror surfaces, it is possible to carry out various design experiments and due to this, present this room in a more advantageous position.

Mirror Tips

Recommendations for choosing:

  • For the bathroom, it is advisable to choose mirrors on a silver basis and products resistant to corrosion.
  • The frame should also differ not only decorative functions, but also protective.
  • Feng shui should be preferred to small models in frames, tailored for the highest family member.

How to choose a size?

For a small room are great large mirrors, not too low. The width of the product there are no strict restrictions, the best option would be the size corresponding to the sink.

Types of mirrors for the bathroom

There are several varieties.


Two kinds of built-in models:

  • In the furniture. A mirror built into a hanging cabinet or other furniture structures is a very functional solution that allows you to equip both a convenient storage system for bath accessories and the ability to use a mirror accessory for its intended purpose.
  • Into the wall. Mirror surfaces, built into the walls, lined with tiles or tiles, have a rather peculiar look and give the bathroom some originality.

Such varieties with a competent design presentation can become an integral design element of a bathroom and change its interior beyond recognition.


It is the optimal, very convenient option and becomes the aesthetic component of the entire design. These models can be of any size and shape that will look very organically in the room.

Pictured hanging mirror in a dark wide frame in the interior of the bathroom.

With stand

With this unique design tool, you can not only give the interior a new sound, but also make it more mobile and functional.

Mirror design options

The most popular design options.

With shelf

The most demanded and classical design, differing in a practicality and the maximum convenience. Mirror product with a shelf can be an integral decor for any bathroom.

The photo shows a bathroom with a small square mirror with a wooden shelf.

With wardrobe

An ergonomic, compact, functional and attractive looking mirror cabinet with drawers is perfect for both small and large spaces and fits perfectly into any stylistic design.

With clock

An interactive touch model with a clock that performs not only its direct functions, but is also an unusual and practical element of the decor that adorns the room and makes the atmosphere more original.

In frame

The frame allows to refine the mirror and turn it into a significant and key interior detail. The shape and execution of the frame will depend on the style direction of the bathroom, for example, it can be made in the form of a massive plaster, wooden baguette or laconic plastic strip.

Wrought iron

Thanks to the forged elements, it is possible to create a luxurious, slightly antique atmosphere and bring a bit of history into it.

In the photo there is a mirror in the forged frame in the interior of the bathroom located in the attic.

With fatsety

The beveled edges give the mirror surface a stylish and presentable look. Wall panels with facet, has a unique play of light and edges.

With stickers

Stickers will add bright colors and originality to the bathroom, significantly refresh the space and allow you to transform any ordinary interior.

Baby mirrors

A product decorated with amusing frames or carved in the shape of a butterfly, a flower or silhouettes of various animals will form a playful, dull and memorable design.

Two mirrors and more

This decorating solution is quite bold and original and is perfect for small rooms. Mirrors can be hung on the wall in a chaotic manner or opposite each other, this will allow you to create a certain play of light and significantly expand the space.

Backlight ideas

Competently selected lighting options will form, not only an exquisite design, but also bring harmony, comfort and accents into the atmosphere.

Interior lighting

Thanks to the soft light emanating from the interior LED or ice lights, a romantic and slightly mysterious atmosphere is created in the room. This type of lighting especially distinguishes the accent zone.

The photo has a modern bathroom and a rectangular mirror with built-in lighting on the wall.


It is a classic solution that represents a huge variety of lighting structures with a diverse design suitable for any interior style. Sconce can be installed both on top and on the sides of the mirror surface.

Lamp over the mirror

This option of local illumination allows you to bring additional convenience when using a mirror or other objects that are near it. In addition, the lamps give the atmosphere a more intimate and romantic look.

Bulbs around the perimeter

Mirror canvas, perimetrically decorated with light bulbs, provides the correct angle and direction of the light flux. Due to the high aesthetic qualities, this decor looks in the interior in a special original way.


It creates a full, bright and even lighting of the space located in front of the mirror, and at the same time forms a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Photo mirrors with a pattern

Photographs of mirror cloths decorated with various patterns.

With photo printing

Quite a successful way to decorate, which allows you to create a unique interior decoration. Photo printing can be a variety of artistic geometric, floral, abstraction or other motifs.


This sandblasting technique is particularly suitable for the decoration of mirrors in the bathroom, since such patterns are not afraid of moisture, steam and limescale. A variety of well-chosen drawings significantly transform the space and emphasize its style.

What forms are there?

Mirrors can be of the following forms.


Square-shaped products are perfect for adjusting the long bathroom.


Round or semicircular models, not only look quite nice and elegant, but also allow you to visually expand the room.


Due to the smoothed corners, the oval mirror canvas significantly transforms the space, making it much more harmonious.

The photo shows a classic bathroom with an oval-shaped mirror, decorated in a wooden frame.


The most popular form, which can have a variety of types of location, from horizontal to vertical, depending on the geometry of the room.


Products made by the corner can be miniature, built-in or equipped with various lamps and shelves. The angular location creates a certain visual effect and makes the room much wider.

Figured (free form)

Unusual arbitrary or asymmetrical shapes will be a suitable decoration for avant-garde design. Figured mirrors will be especially appropriate in spacious bathrooms, which are not overloaded with excess decoration.

The photo shows a triple shaped mirror in the interior of a spacious bathroom.

Mirror Location

The most popular options for how to properly position these decorative items.

Above the bathroom

Mirrors located above the bathroom must be moisture-resistant and treated with special compounds. This design looks very impressive and adds extra space to the space.

Over the sink or sink

The most traditional, practical and convenient accommodation, which will be a great solution in the absence of extra space.

Above the tabletop

The mirror canvas above the table top perfectly reflects the stylistic orientation, creates spatial illusions, focuses attention on the interior proportions and simply gives the bathroom a special charm.

Full wall

With the help of such an original design solution, in the form of floor-to-ceiling panoramic mirrors, it turns out not only to visually enlarge the room, but also to create a sophisticated, elegant and luxurious design.


Due to its mobility, the floor model can easily change the disposition. Such products can be decorated in both simple and luxurious forged frames and add elegance to any interior.

In a niche

A mirror placed in the recessed area, near a shower, bath or sink, will harmoniously fit into the overall interior styling and will be its effective addition.

Color range of frames for mirrors

Competently thought out and selected tint solution is an important basis for an interesting design idea.

  • White.
  • The black.
  • Brown.
  • Gold.
  • Red.
  • Green.
  • Bronze.

On the photo is a bathroom with a rectangular mirror in a golden color frame.

Harmonious color use and combination will allow you to create a stylish and holistic design.

Mirror decor options

Decorating with shells, mosaics, beads, pebbles or other decorations is very important for the bathroom. Such a spectacular decor will breathe a certain romantic and peculiar mood into the room.

Various details and design elements allow you to create an exclusive, author's art object in the interior of even the simplest bathroom.

Photos in the interior of the toilet

Mirror products provide ideal comfort in the bathroom and make toilet space more thoughtful, practical and functional.

In the photo there is a bathroom in bright colors with walls decorated with mirrors.

Photos of the bathroom in various styles

A mirror with a certain shape and aesthetics of the frame is an important aspect in the design of various styles.


Here it will be appropriate to a rectangular or square mirror cloth of a more impressive size, located in the entire length of the wall or countertop with a washbasin.


For a luxurious classic design fit rectangular, square or oval mirrors in expensive frames made of wood with elements of antiquity or forged metal.

The photo shows a mirror in a wenge color patterned frame in a classic-style bathroom.


Mirror models in vintage wooden retro frames with the most believable design, located on the wall or on forged stands, will be the most successful decor for Provence.


For a Scandinavian bathroom, mirrors in a simple light wooden, plastic frame or model without a frame will do. In a large room you can install several mirror products and highlight them with high-quality lighting devices.

The photo shows a Scandinavian-style bathroom with a small round mirror in a wooden frame on the wall.


Mirrors with a luxurious, rich and expressive design, decorated in massive, carved wooden, forged or openwork frames, will look truly majestic and elegantly emphasized baroque aesthetics.


The idea of ​​a minimalist interior involves strict and concise forms. Sliding or stationary mirror surfaces of large size without rims or framed with a hint of metal and chrome will give this style even more space and freedom.

High tech

Mirrors in the form of simple geometric shapes, without too much refined decor, will be able to decorate a high-tech room and, despite their simplicity and simplicity, will become a real interior art object.

Photo gallery

A bathroom is almost impossible to imagine without a mirror, since it is an obligatory accessory of this room. Modern products, not only perfectly perform their functions, but also allow you to decorate the space and emphasize the basic design idea.

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