The interior design of a small studio of 22 square meters. m

A small apartment of 22 square meters. m. has just one room. Designers from the Gradiz studio needed to design a design for a young woman who wanted brightness and dynamics. The result is an original, memorable interior, reminiscent of French streets.

The interior design of a small studio recreates the atmosphere of the main city of all lovers - Paris. The wall of the room is similar to the outer wall of a residential building: there are windows with “marquises” above them, and cafe windows.

Between the living space and the kitchen in the apartment of 22 square meters. m. there are no partitions, and the kitchen continues to "street" style. The apron of the working area looks like a brick wall of a house, although in reality it is a ceramic tile laid out in a special way. Divides the kitchen and living area bar counter simple form.

The main colors in the interior design of a small studio are white and black. White - the color of the walls, ceiling and even the floor. In black, the entire decor is made: windows on the wall, bar counter, patterns on parts of the walls, the “jointing” of the decorative masonry in the working area, a hanging lamp, chairs and many other elements.

The apartment is 22 square meters. m. in the role of accent serves a rich pink color. Its a bit, but it creates a special, romantic mood, and gives charm and elegance to the whole atmosphere. It is present in the entrance area, in the kitchen, in the main volume of the apartment. The same pink and greeting inscription on the shoe shop, its positive mood goes well with color.

The carefully thought-out interior design of a small studio made it possible to create a comfortable and visual spacious living space in a very small area. The main techniques that helped to achieve this effect: the use of white as the main, mirror effect, as well as the demolition of partitions and the integration of functional areas.


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