Modern design three-room apartment of 80 square meters. m. in Moscow

Design of a three-room apartment of 80 square meters. m. made in a modern style, discreet and most functional, and with the expressive and reflective personality.

To be able to have a good rest and receive guests, and to create conditions for the harmonious development of children, it was required that the living room could change its purpose depending on the needs of the family, and the children's room, in addition to sleeping places, had to become a place where children could play , to develop physically and intellectually, to prepare homework.

Living room

The living room turned out really non-standard. First of all, the cube of black color on the left side of the entrance attracts attention. Everything that should not be in sight was “hidden” inside it: plumbing facilities, wardrobes for clothes and shoes, and even a refrigerator — it was cube-shaped on the side facing the kitchen.

The surface of the cube is not simple - you can use it as a blackboard, draw with chalk, leave inscriptions that children really like. Children's creativity at the same time serves as an additional decorative accent in the ascetic interior of the living room.

The wall opposite is designed for drawings with a marker that expands the children's creative palette.

Furniture that moves easily on wheels and consists of separate modules is the main highlight of the three-room apartment design of 80 sq. M. Chairs, poufs and a coffee table can be assembled in any order, forming a comfortable cinema, a living room, a place for board games that are popular now, a recreation or handicraft corner.

Children's room

The room set aside for children has 16 square meters. m. square, but Stalin's house gives an advantage: high ceilings. Block for games rises to the ceiling and has several levels. There is a hammock, “houses” with windows, hammocks, places to climb in plenty and get a charge of sports vivacity.

In addition, storage systems made up of individual units can also play the role of stairs. The block divides the room into two equivalent areas, each of which has a sleeping and working space.


Bedroom in the design of a three-room apartment of 80 square meters. m. - the most peaceful mood in the room. The contrast of rough brick and white painted walls is softened by the abundance of natural wood and green plants on the windowsill. Thus, both parents and children received a multifunctional living space that meets all their needs.

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