Design wallpaper with a pattern: patterns, geometry, imitation, lettering, nature, flowers, photoprints

Design of wallpaper with a pattern, in contrast to the monotonous options, looks more atmospheric and lively and adds bright emotions to the interior. In addition, the variegated surface allows you to hide minor defects of the walls.

Design Ways

If you correctly combine prints with the overall design of the room, you can set the color scheme of the interior and make it new.


There is a huge number of patterns and drawings.

Imitation of various surfaces

Interior decoration wallpaper with imitation is more economical and less energy-consuming. At the same time, they are no worse than their counterparts, they are able to decorate a room and give an unusual and attractive look.

A rock

If you want to design a room spectacularly and brightly, imitation of a stone will be the best choice.


Depending on the chosen style and purpose of the room, various imitation options are used for decorating: boards, logs, timber, saw cut wood or a stack of wood.

In the photo there is a bedroom interior with a wall decorated with imitation wood wallpapers.


Brick-like wallpapers are indistinguishable from real brickwork. This design option is one of the simplest ways to change the perception and transformation of the situation.


Wallpapers under the skin are very high realism, not only in appearance but also in tactility.


Imitation plaster is often used to create decorative accents. Their relief surface in combination with ceiling moldings creates an atmosphere of aristocracy and antique furnishings.


Possess the most realistic texture. They create a feeling of light negligence in the interior and perfectly serve as a background for the whole atmosphere.

In the photo is a bedroom with a wallpaper imitating a concrete surface.


They bring real natural freshness to the room and become an excellent central accent in rooms with modern or ethnic interiors. Full photo collection of bamboo wallpapers here.

the cloth

The use of fabric imitation is more typical of modern style. For example, a little sloppy denim will look harmoniously in a teenager's room, studio apartment or in the living room.

With inscriptions, quotes and letters

The most interesting look calligraphic inscriptions in English. Also an excellent solution would be wallpaper with the effect of old paper, black wallpaper with white lettering or hieroglyphs, with text from newspaper clippings and magazines or phrases from movies and books.

In the photo the interior of the living room and the wall with black wallpaper and white inscriptions.

Geometric pattern

Applying this design option, you can design the interior in almost any style. The main thing is to choose the saturation of the picture, its volume and brightness.


With such a design, it will turn out to create a truly unique and unique style. Attractive in its non-standard, as well as figurative perception.


Wall coverings with such a symmetrical print are often used to highlight openings or zoning space. Sometimes they are combined with canvases with drawings. See more photos of striped wallpaper here.


Thanks to the restraint and rigor of the checkered pattern, comfortable and warm interiors are obtained. A large, small, or Scottish cell can create a respectable and luxurious room.

In the photo there is a country-style living room with checkered wallpaper on the walls.


Sample classic wall decoration. The alternation of black and white squares allows you to visually structure the space, while not narrowing it.


Rather dynamic and effective repeating pattern. It emphasizes the solemnity and beauty of the interior. Bright design of this type is used in children's rooms or play areas.

In the photo the children's room and white and blue wallpaper with a zigzag print.


Soft, refined and smoother wavelike patterns make the room more comfortable and relaxing and do not deprive the room of interesting accents.


This design is one of the main modern trends in the world of interior design. Large circles, despite its apparent simplicity, look quite impressive.


Used for the design of spacious rooms. Small diamond will create an energetic, cheerful and bright atmosphere in the room.


With the help of a geometric hexagon similar to honeycombs, it will be great to refresh the already established interior design.


This print creates a clear structure of the space. Especially successful is the use of such a pattern in rooms where there is a lot of furniture and accessories.


Tenderness, lightness and coquetry. This pattern is perfect for interiors in which you want to relax and unwind.

In the photo there is a bedroom interior and a wall decorated with green polka dots.

Graffiti style

The many-sided way of finishing fits almost any style. The girl is popular with anime characters, cats, inscriptions, hearts and monograms. Robots, comic book heroes and sketches on sports or space are more appropriate for a boy.

In the form of newspapers

Bright and catchy paper wallpapers with newspaper headlines or brand names will create an original design, and aged paper will add a romantic and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere.

Books on the shelves

This kind of design is able to put shelves with bookshelves into the interior and create your own home library.

In the photo there is a living room with a wall decorated with wallpaper depicting books on the shelves.

With birds

The image of birds on the wallpaper or drawings with feathers make the room light, weightless and voluminous, prompting freedom of choice and dreams of travel.

Nature, animals, vegetation

Variants of trees in the forest refresh the atmosphere, bring a feeling of pleasant coolness to it. Butterflies on canvases symbolize natural beauty. Colorful photopanel with a leopard print dips into the world of safari. Pictures of cacti will inspire Mexican motifs in room design. The texture of banana leaves and creepers is called and beckoned into the jungle. Images of various types of animals, such as a lion, zebra, fox or wolf will always find their place in the interior and will undoubtedly decorate the walls of the home.

With floral print

This picture does not overload the space and looks great in combination with any furniture and accessories. For example, using the watercolor effect or subtle floral patterns will create a light and airy mood. More photos of wallpapers with flowers look here.


Wallpaper with a perspective image deepens the space, for example, it can be a road going into the distance. A night city or a bridge with a huge number of light bulbs will also help to expand the room and bring in ultramodernity.

The photo shows the interior of a teenager’s room and a photo wallpaper depicting a night city.

As a card

This design is well combined with the situation in the office or children's room. The sea map will create an atmosphere in the spirit of adventure seekers.

In the photo office, in the design of which used wallpaper in the form of a map.


Phosphoric drawings look unusual and beautiful, in the dark they come from unobtrusive, muffled light, which allows you to relax and have a nice evening.


Glitter wallpapers due to the reflective effect easily create an emphasis on the walls. And the reflective particles shine pleasantly and shine when sunlight hits them. This effect will make the room interesting and mysterious.

In the photo, shiny liquid wallpaper with the addition of glitter.

Plots and fragments of games, films, cartoons

Win-win decorative decoration, which is often used for children's rooms. Such an unusual decision violates the predictability of the familiar interior and makes it modern. For girls fit images of princesses or fairies from cartoons. For a teenager boy: star wars, marvel superheroes or computer games: tanks and gta.


Images of ships in the sea are very stylish and help to bring individual charisma to the room. Having cars or airplanes is the perfect combination for men of any age.

Sports theme

This design is chosen by many active and energetic people. For example, for passionate football fans, a wall with themed wallpapers will do an excellent job with this task. Often used to design rooms for boys.

Patterns and ornaments

They bring liveliness to the interior and create a mood. Interesting ornaments want to solve and peer into the details.


A very popular royal pattern, symbolizing the luxury and elegant taste of the room in which it is used.

The photo shows the interior of the dining room and green wallpaper with a damask pattern on the wall.


These alternating patterns resemble stylized flowers of a peculiar shape, similar to a rhombus, an inverted drop or an oval. Apply in almost any style, including more modern. See more photos of wallpapers with monograms here.


Emphasizes the individual style and creates a comfortable atmosphere, filled with goodwill and aristocracy.

Tracery pattern

Filigree and elegant lace patterns will complement the modern interior, making the design stylish and original, and the angular shapes of furniture and decor softer.


Original, contrasting and bright pattern with the image of flowers, berries and leaves, made in blue and white colors refers to the form of Russian folk painting.

In the photo the kitchen is in bright colors with walls decorated with wallpaper with a Gzhel pattern.


Plain wallpaper for painting without a pronounced pattern. They are stylistically neutral and therefore are used in both classical and modern styles.


Got its name because of the similarity with the web. These canvases for painting are an excellent option for finishing room decoration.


Gives the room a special touch. When painting, its special texture is filled with paint and makes the material more dense, creating volume.

Paisley ornament

These almond-shaped drawings are shrouded in riddles, therefore, with cucumber ornament paintings decorate bedrooms, living rooms, and children’s. They create an atmosphere of mystery and wealth.

Floral pattern

Floral ornaments and curls will never lose their relevance. Many styles are appropriate, for example, small leaves of a fern are suitable for country style, and a large floral pattern will perfectly decorate the interior in a classic, modern or English style.


Many options and combinations are used to divide, expand the space and to give the room a fantastic look.

View a selection of photos about combining wallpapers.


Stickers, wallpaper inserts, frames and borders will be an excellent design option for creative people who are still in search of stylistic directions or the correct wall decor for their home.


If it is right to place a decorative panel with tapestry designs, it will emphasize the overall design of the room, become an interesting accent and breathe new life into any, even the most boring interior.


The best option finishes. Such glass cloth embossed paintings offer tremendous opportunities for creativity. For coloring use any materials to achieve the desired effect. See more photos of wallpapers for painting here.

Zd wallpaper

Decorative design of the room, which allows not only to decorate the walls, but also to create the illusion of reality in the room.

Reproductions of paintings

This design option is especially suitable for creative people who are not afraid to experiment. For example, reproductions of paintings by the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh have long been inspired by designers to create unique wallpaper with the effect of craquelure, capable of emphasizing the whole personality of the style in the room.

Features of the choice of design in the interior rooms

Design wallpaper with a pattern is a current trend in interior fashion. They are able to reflect the basic colors in the room and define its stylistic concept.

Living room

When choosing you need to consider the size of the room. In small premises, it is better not to use large and too bright patterns and prints. For contemporary living rooms, vinyl wallcovers with geometric patterns that create a feeling of uninterrupted space are often chosen.


The successful combination of companion wallpapers will help you to beautifully zone the space, increase the height of the ceiling, as well as expand or narrow the room.


The kitchen also takes into account the dimensions of the room and the degree of lighting. It is not necessary to select one type of wallpaper and decorate all the walls with it, the best option would be to combine different colors and textures.


A common solution for a nursery is a combination of different types and designs. The combination of bright and muted colors, large and small drawings looks especially advantageous.

Corridor and hallway

Using light wallpaper in the hallway, for practicality, you can paste over the lower part of the wall with canvases of darker or brighter shades with a rich pattern. Other finishing materials are also used.


For decoration of small bathrooms it is better to avoid dark colors. Apply a partial design wallpaper, which are well combined with mirror surfaces. On the lower part of the wall is placed tile or plastic panels.

In the photo, the bathroom and the walls are partially decorated with floral wallpaper.


Prefer classic light or warm shades. You can also create a contrast between white plumbing and wallpaper, and paste over walls with dark canvases.


Especially suitable for wallpaper. The selected image will make the balcony unusual and will be perfectly combined with other finishing materials, maintaining a uniform interior style.

Ceiling Design Examples

When decorating the ceiling with wallpaper, you can create a truly unique design, as well as visually raise the ceiling and even expand the room. Also used for the ceiling liquid wallpaper.

Accent wall design

Using a deep and rich color, you can beat the cramped room. Creating an accent, it is desirable that the color palette of the room was clearly planned. Therefore, when choosing a shade for a contrasting wall, you should consider the overall color of the interior, as well as furniture and textiles.

Picture selection rules

Choosing a design wallpaper with a picture should know some of the rules of choice.

  • For low rooms it is better to choose a vertically positioned pattern or ornament. This will help to visually lift the ceiling.
  • It will make the room lower, but a drawing or a strip with a horizontal arrangement is much more spacious.
  • For small rooms suitable wallpaper brighter tones with a small pattern.
  • To make the room more profound will allow the combination option.
  • In general, choosing the design of wallpaper with a pattern should also take into account the size of the room, the degree of illumination and how much sun enters the room.
  • When purchasing wallpaper with an ornament, you should remember about the presence of rapport.

Photo gallery

Design wallpaper with a pattern performs not only decorative, but also an aesthetic role. Against the background of plain walls, such canvases attract attention and due to this effect, they can be used to highlight the center of the room and zoning the space.

Watch the video: Wallpaper match pattern design (April 2020).

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