Apartment design 70 sq. M. m: tips and ideas

Living area of ​​about 70 square meters. meters usually has two to three to four rooms, a large hallway, kitchen. This is a fairly spacious apartment - there is a place where you can roam in terms of design, but for repairs, you will probably need a significant amount of money. There is no need to hurry with the accomplishment - you need to think it over, having designed it so that everyone who lives in it is as comfortable as possible. If the family is small, each of its members will be provided with, if not a room, then at least a small personal area for rest and work. About how best to design an apartment of 70 square meters. m, detailed in the text of the article.

Determine with style and design

There are a lot of stylistic decisions in this case - there is no need to talk about cramped, small rooms, therefore the question of visual expansion of space disappears. First of all it is necessary to decide: is a redevelopment necessary? If the kitchen seems cramped, it is combined with the living room, with a part of the corridor, a balcony, and a loggia. Separate rooms also combine, "cut out" another, extra. Sometimes it is even possible to “press” or expand the bathroom.

The following styles are best for such a spacious home:

  • Classical - Empire, Baroque, Gothic, Neoclassical;
  • Provence - suitable for almost any room;
  • hi-tech - looks stylish, modern;
  • minimalism is convenient when the budget is a bit tight;
  • Loft - looks good with high ceilings;
  • eco style - aesthetics of natural materials, unity with nature.


It is better to design the whole space in a single style, slightly “diluting” it with interspersing other styles in different places.


Choosing a color palette

Human eyes are able to distinguish several tens of thousands of colors, and in their interior design at least 150 are used. These are the colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and violet, as well as brown, black, and gray. Mixing red, yellow, blue in various proportions forms all other colors, shades.

The best combinations:

  • black, white, gray;
  • pastel shades;
  • different shades of the same color scheme for different rooms.


The color scheme depends on the chosen interior style. If the apartment has three or four relatively small rooms, and no one is going to do the redevelopment, then each space will have to be expanded with the help of the lightest tones. The same applies to the bathroom, balcony, hallway, kitchen.

When housing, an area of ​​about 70 square meters. m has only two large rooms, with the help of color they are zoning. In the living room, the place for family dinners will be separated from the place of rest by other colors of the walls, floor and ceiling. In the nursery of different colors, the floor in the playing, sleeping, working areas will be decorated with rugs. When different shades of the same color are chosen, they should be a couple of tones darker in the bedrooms, southern rooms.

Cold shades look best with cold, warm with warm, but no one has canceled a small amount of bright contrasts. Cold tones are preferred for the southern premises, warm - for the northern.


Materials and methods of finishing

It is advisable to trim the entire apartment with similar materials, then it looks whole. But the color, textured variations can be very different: cool smooth granite for decorating the bathroom, toilet and artificial sandstone for electric fireplace in the living room, light beige linoleum in the hallway and darker in the kitchen, pink stretch ceiling in the nursery and ocher in the parents' bedroom. Textiles for each room are very different texture and color, but it is preferable to arrange the windows in approximately the same way: either blinds, or curtains, or blinds on all windows.

Rooms in which there is little heavy furniture can be arranged with the so-called "living tile" - it changes its design, when it is touched, it comes, which will add to the apartment uniqueness. It is made of glass, you can walk on it completely silently. The "flexible stone" is easy to install, beautifully imitates real natural materials and is used for any premises. "Flowering wallpaper" - another of the newest materials, they change their pattern with increasing temperature. It costs to glue them near sources of heating or where often there is a sunlight.


“Liquid wallpaper” is not suitable for wet places, but allow you to create a “breathable” coating in living rooms. Partitions are made of a special light-transmitting wood composite with fiberglass for most rooms. Experts recommend the use of material for home cinema - it is convenient to project films on it.

Arrangement and selection of furniture

The style of furniture should be chosen about the same in all rooms. Current manufacturers distinguish two main types of furniture:

  • classic - suitable for traditional style, Provence, Art Nouveau, Baroque;
  • modernity - perfectly fit into minimalism, Scandinavian, oriental, high-tech, loft.


When buying furniture, you should consider purchasing one large headset for the whole apartment - many companies now have such offers. To diversify the interior, if it seems boring, you can use stickers on the furniture, walls. Furniture zoning is a very convenient move. In the kitchen, in this way, there will be a space for cooking and a dining area, in the bedroom - a place to sleep, a dressing room. Zoning nursery, bath, hallway depends on the preferences of the owners. In a small room furniture should be arranged along the walls, not too cluttering it.

We think over the lighting

Properly selected light is able to decorate any room by changing its design beyond recognition. Unlike furniture, which is preferable to be the same in all rooms, the lighting should be different everywhere.

Key recommendations:

  • diffused lighting over the beds;
  • the brightest is above all the places where it is planned to read and write;
  • for each room it is preferable to have several light sources - common and local.


If the ceilings are low, you should choose lamps that are directed reflectors up. Balconies, loggias, niches should also have their own light sources. In the combined bathroom it is better to make a separate lamp above each sanitary device and near the mirror - then general lighting is not required. In the hallway should be illuminated closet for clothing and all the mirrors. If the kitchen has not only a working area, but also places for eating, relaxing, working at a laptop, then each requires local lighting, combined with common, upper. In the children's bedroom, the light is muffled over the beds, but bright in the places where children play, they do their homework. The living room is done with a ceiling light, adjustable in brightness, as well as LED lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. Almost for any room suitable floor lamps, but they should fit well into the overall style.


Built-in lighting for the walls is very highlight all the shortcomings of the finish, and therefore their installation should be approached very carefully.

Design options for a two-bedroom apartment

In the 70-meter “two-room apartment” there are usually two very spacious rooms - one of them will become a living room, the other a bedroom, where you can even make a dressing room with the help of partitions. In families with children, one of the rooms will become a nursery, with a separate place for each child, the other - the parental bedroom, in which the living room space can be separated by a screen.


In the case of redevelopment from the kitchen, corridor, one of the rooms is "cut off" piece by piece and another separate room is formed. The presence of balconies, loggias will be very useful - they can be glazed, insulated, making a continuation of the kitchen, bedroom, living room. In brick "Khrushchev" often there is also a small storage room, which is also easy to attach to the living space.


Design options for a three-room apartment

A “treshka” with an area of ​​70 square meters can have a long corridor with rooms on one side of it, as well as a “vest” shape - when the rooms are opposite each other, their windows face different sides of the building, and one of the living rooms is passing. With modern planning of such housing in panel houses there are often two bathrooms, two balconies, and loggias. Here it is easy to make a kitchen-studio, combining it with the hallway.


For a couple without children or with an only child, one room will become the parent’s bedroom, the other a nursery or dressing room, and the third in the redevelopment can be fully combined with the kitchen, partially or completely removing partitions. If there are several children, they are heterosexual, already large enough, then children will need two. In some cases, the layout is produced in such a way as to get four small rooms from 3-room.


Large housing is a little more difficult in terms of improvement, as it requires large monetary investments, labor costs, a long time for repairs. But there are actually more positive sides here: the whole family will comfortably sit on 70 squares of the square, each will receive their own corner and room. In another version of the "treshki" make a two-room or one-room studio. The planning of such vast areas is difficult, so most of the "new settlers" turn to the services of professionals who will offer the best design projects, taking into account all the wishes of the residents.

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