Ideas for the design of the hall in a private house

Every home has its own unique style and its exclusive interior design. The owner arranges the rooms to your liking, in order to live and feel comfortable. To do this, you should seriously consider the design of each of them, including the hall. Entering the house, the owner and his guests see the hall. He should personify the purity, comfort, beauty, warmth of the whole dwelling. The design of the hall in a private house will always be in the center of attention, its volumes and the number of floors do not matter, so it must be properly and stylishly prepared. To do this, you need to make high-quality walls, ceiling, floor, choose the appropriate furniture, lighting and ornament. The color is diverse and you can choose your favorite combinations. In two-story houses, there is always a staircase. Most often it is in the hall, in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to it and make it a suitable part of the design. It may be the center of the whole room or unremarkable, but it must be contrasted with the other elements of the interior. The most important thing is to know how to make a part of the house from the hall so that it is a spacious, specious corner.

Floor, wall, ceiling

A suitable option for flooring is tile. It can be put in the form of different patterns, having chosen several combined shades or monophonic. This material is durable, durable and can be easily put in order after being hit by dirt or water. It is made of natural stone or be ordinary. You can still cover the floor with linoleum or laminate. They must be of high quality and reliable.

The walls of the hall in a private house are made out of several types of materials and this:

  • Tile;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Plaster;
  • Paint.

Tile on the walls looks beautiful and performs the same function as on the floor, protects the interior from dirt. Wall-paper is used vinyl, liquid, waterproof. Decorative plaster is the most stylish and practical method of wall decoration. Her appearance adds sophistication and singularity to the entire interior. If you like plain walls, there is another option to paint them.

The ceiling for the halls is diverse, all known options are practiced. The method of registration for him is to paint with a special paint, whiten, cover with wallpaper, tile for them, decorate with plaster or make stretch and hanging views. The most important thing is that the ceiling, walls and floor are well combined.


Furniture is the most voluminous decoration for design. Before her choice, it is necessary to measure the space well in the direct and figurative sense. The hall should be spacious, while properly equipped with furniture. For shoes and clothes, you need a wooden wardrobe or a regular, most importantly its capacity. It can serve as a place to store different things and off-season clothes. It is very important that some cabinet doors have mirrors. Since they are a necessary part of the interior, their presence is necessary in each of the halls of a private house. If the design of the cabinet without them, you can hang on the wall a beautiful, large mirror with a wooden frame. Also for the hall is necessary a bench, or a bookcase for shoes. Practical production option, it is from materials resistant to moisture, that is, from metal. Hangers for accessories are also part of the design. In a large room, you can create a corner to relax, arrange chairs and a small coffee table. This type of hall is in demand. Not far from the door, you must put a small, comfortable bench.

When choosing materials, you need to put their quality and practicality to the fore.


A large house with a minimum of two floors must be equipped with a staircase. It is necessary to pay special attention to its design. After all, in the design of the hall in a private house, all its grandeur should be the same in style with the rest of the interior. It is of a different type, the most famous is:

  • Screw;
  • Straight;
  • With a twist.

Screw looks like a spiral, takes up less space than everyone else. Straight, this is the simplest type, but with good design and decoration, is not inferior to others in beauty. The model with a twist takes more space in the interior and looks interesting. All staircases have the function of decorating a hall and precisely fitting into its interior design. This means that the finish, color, style, materials, its production, must approach the rest of the elements of the decor. Materials for the manufacture of stairs must be durable, high quality, reliable. Suitable options for this:

  • Tree;
  • A rock;
  • Metal.

Often, stairs make them combined materials. For the hall, the combination of wood and stone will look most beautiful. Railings and balusters will be combined with furniture, and the steps are decorated with stone, with the floor.

Suitable colors and lighting

The right choice of color palette plays an important role in the design of the hall. It is best to use shades of the same color range, from dark to light. They will be perfectly associated, and look harmonious throughout the interior. If there are bright colors in the rest of the rooms, it will be good to add them to the design of the hall. They will connect all parts of the house together. The coloring is varied, depending on the chosen style and on the personal preferences of the owner. The shade of the floor should match the color of the walls, and be combined with the ceiling. Furniture and ornaments will complement the look of the hall in the house.

Hall needs good lighting, especially if it is without windows. For this you need to use more fixtures. Their ideal location is next to the mirrors, with a wardrobe, above the stairs and on the ceiling. For its design, it will be very important to use diode tapes. They are equipped with small light bulbs that create a not bright light. Another ceiling option is a chandelier. If there are windows in the interior of the hall, good lighting will give daylight with a small number of lamps.

Light emphasizes colors, so it is necessary that it is not bright.

Design in Provence, Classic, Modern

Halls of private houses need a choice of style that will give them a beautiful look. The classic style is characterized by straight lines, elegant furniture, color, decorations. The hall, in this style, has an interesting design, thanks to the presence of a chandelier, antique furniture, heavy curtains for windows, patterned designs of handrails on the stairs and strict decorations.

Provence style exquisite, but simple design option. This design is characterized by some features and it is:

  • Rural view;
  • Field or sea theme;
  • Reminder of the rest.

The view of the hall in the apartment will attract everyone to itself, because it looks like a room for rest. The coloring is quite pleasant, as these are bed colors and delicate shades. The furniture is made of wood or can be wicker. The interior can be several wicker furniture parts at the same time.

High technologies and production materials belong to modern stylistics, they are fragile, unnatural. Glass and plastic elements are made with steep shapes, with corners. In combination with metal, high-quality, modern parts are obtained. The color scheme is very expressive, that is, bright shades.

Modern interior of the hall in the apartment

Popular styles

ClassicArt DecoProvenceMediterraneanModernLoft
ColoringOrange, yellow, white, beige, brown, gray.

White, beige, brown, gray, yellow, cream.

Beige, yellow, brown, orange, blue.

Green, blue, beige, cream.

White, chocolate, beige, cream.

White, yellow, chocolate.
FurnitureBench, closet or regular, chest of drawers.Sofa, chair, table, chest of drawersBench, chest of drawers, hanger, wardrobe, chair.Wardrobe, shelf for shoes, sofa, table.Commode, closet, modern chair.Wooden chest, small closet.
FloorParquet, tile.Tile, parquet.Tile, parquet.Parquet, laminate.Parquet, linoleum, tile.Parquet.
WallsWallpaper, decorative plaster, painting.White brick, decorative plaster.Rough plaster.Stone, white brick, painting.Liquid wallpaper, decorative plaster, painting.Brick.
CeilingTension, suspended.Tension, suspended.Painting, whitewashing.Tension.Tensioning, painting.Normal painting.

How to create your own style

When there is no need or desire to turn to the designer, this is the reason to create your only style of the hall in your favorite private house. To do this, you must have a great desire and remember four important words: quality, color, space, practicality.

Only reliable materials from which the floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, doors, stairs from the hall to the second floor are made will decorate your home for many years. Selected colors for floors are important because dark flooring is a more practical method. Visually, the dirt from the street, which will fall on him, will become invisible. If this is not so important, you can give the floor a light shade. Such floor coverings will increase the space. They should be similar with the stairs, in color, even if it is not visible on the second floor.

It will be correct to choose practical furniture in order that it was not only smart, but also comfortable. It needs to be furnished so that there is space to move. The design of the hall requires an interesting flavor. Some ideas for this:

  • Beige, white, brown, gray, cream;
  • Yellow, white, orange, silver, brown, black;
  • Blue, blue, gray, white, beige;
  • Bardo, pink, white, chocolate.



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