Bathroom design in gray: design features, photo

Can a bathroom be attractive in gray? Of course, if you follow the simple design rules developed for such premises. Moreover, the gray color will create an amazing background for any interior experiments, with its help you can get a stylish modern space or a bathroom in a classic spirit.

Features of design

Gray may be the main color in the room, but it should not be the only one, otherwise it may look dull and uninteresting. To add expressiveness to the interior, add other shades to it. They can be both close in tone and contrast.

Gray, being a neutral color, is combined with almost the entire range of colors available, there are practically no restrictions on color combinations.

Gray materials are a practical solution. Dust on it is not noticeable, it is not subject to fading or fading.

Light gray will help to visually enlarge a small area of ​​the bathroom, and using a gray gradient will correct the layout flaws: widen too narrow, “lift” the ceiling in too low.

The bathroom design in gray looks particularly impressive metal accessories: towel rails and rails, holders for toilet paper, toothbrushes and cups, furniture handles and other details. The gloss of the metal harmoniously complements the gray tones of the finish.

Psychological impact

Light gray tones are favorable for the psyche, especially if they contain beige or milky shades. For example, pearl gray creates a feeling of calm and security.

Too dark gray tones may be limited, for example, in some accessories, or in flooring. If you use too dark shades in large quantities, the bathroom in gray will act on the psyche negatively, suppressing joyful emotions.

Bathroom in shades of gray: options

Light gray shades as a background are a good basis for creating designs in any style and direction. You can add any colors and their interesting combinations to get a bright and memorable interior. In addition, gray is a very elegant color, and, taking it as a basis, you can achieve a very stylish result.

To soften the coldness of the bathroom in gray tones, it is best to combine the main color with warm shades - creamy, creamy, baked milk. Another way is to add natural wood to the decor, which will give warmth to the color and enrich the visual perception with texture.

Bathroom design in gray can be monochrome, but in this case, you will need to use different shades and textures. What is used in the decoration of a variety of materials - stone, tile, both matte and glossy, metal, glass, plaster.

Council If you decide to make a bath in shades of gray, use all means to break the monotony of the space. So, the tiles on the walls and the floor should not only have different shades, but also be of different size, and preferably - a different texture.

The bathroom in gray color perfectly combines with white plumbing objects, and generally any white additions. Furniture, textiles, the ceiling and even the floor can be white, the main thing is to maintain a balance between these colors.

The glossy floor and the chrome-plated metal will add chic to the decor. Black also forms a classic combination with gray, and, like the white-gray pair, allows for the use of bright color accents of almost any gamut. Bathroom in shades of gray with the addition of black and white colors at the same time can be the standard of elegance and style.


If the walls are decorated in shades of gray, the furniture can be of any other color - for example, white, or black, or bright red, it all depends on your preferences. At the same time, there are enough offers on the market for bathroom furniture with gray facades of various colors, from the brightest to graphite and anthracite shades.

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