Design of small living rooms

Creating a small living room design with a full range of comfort is not an easy task for a designer.

When guests come to the house, they are initially escorted to the living room. But how to get out of an awkward situation if the living room is a small room in a small apartment? It should be stylish, presentable for receiving guests and at the same time cozy, comfortable for the family.

Create small living room design, with all the range of comfort - not an easy task for the designer. However, the space limit does not constrain the bold ideas and fantasies of modern specialists.

Making the space wider

First you should make the space as wide as possible. Everything is quite simple, visually making the room bigger is possible with the help of - competent choice of location, texture and color of furniture.

Often small living room design in a small apartment should also include the bedroom function. The actual solution is a bed-sofa, or a compact sofa of the angular form. This is an appropriate solution for design a small living room. The choice of sofa should be based on the quality of the furniture, as it should be comfortable for relaxing and have a stylish appearance.

The actual design of a small living room should solve the problem of storage.

Multifunctional furniture, significantly saving space in the room is needed for a successful solution to the problem of space. It is necessary to put a wardrobe or wall, the minimum size of which will allow to reach the maximum capacity. At the same time, glass cases will look very advantageous, due to the fact that glass is an ideal material for creating a sense of lightness in space.

Small living room design will seem much more voluminous due to the skillful color solution. The room looks more spacious if the living room ceiling and walls are painted in warm and light shades.

The design of a small living room in a white tone combined with flashy details, such as carpet or sofa cushions, will never look boring. Monochrome colors will be the original solution.

A monochrome color palette arises when colors of the same brightness are combined. Visually make the room more airy and light curtains, because a lot of sunlight in the room will make it more spacious.

Design photo of a small living room in white color

Design photo of a small living room with a work space, a sofa bed and a wall.

Photo of a small living room design rooms in bright colors with a corner sofa, coffee table and bookshelves.

The interior of a small living room in high-tech style.

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