Curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door: views, choice of color, style, design, window decor

Curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door are comfortable and surprisingly beautiful decor. A diverse number of models allows you to choose a design that fits the style of the room and create a truly comfortable design in it.

Features interior design

Several features for the design of the kitchen with a balcony door:

  • It is necessary to choose practical and comfortable curtain structures, they should not interfere with the free functioning of the balcony door.
  • It is advisable to use curtains of fabrics that absorb odors and collect dust as little as possible, as well as products that are easy to clean.
  • For small rooms, you should not use curtains of dense materials of dark shades, as in the kitchen there should always be a stream of natural light.

Types of curtains

A large selection of curtains can spawn on new original experiments in the design.


Multifunctional blinds perfectly for such asymmetrical balcony openings, they not only allow you to conveniently open and close the door, but also significantly save space in the room and protect it from the sun's rays, which is especially important for kitchens with windows facing the south side.

In the photo there is a kitchen interior and roller blinds on the window with a balcony door.


They have a rather compact look, due to the possibility of height adjustment, Roman curtains also provide the possibility of free operation of the balcony structure.


Reliable, practical, compact and stylish. For greater convenience, blinds can be hung separately on the window sash and balcony door.


Classic drapes are most often used in larger kitchens. They are a modern and worthy decoration option and can create additional coziness in the room.

In the photo kitchen and portieres on the window with a balcony door.


Light curtains of tulle, organza, veils and other fabrics are often used to decorate the balcony. Air curtains do not overload the space, well pass sunlight and are perfectly combined with many interior directions.

Pictured curtains on the window with a balcony door in the interior of the kitchen.


Kisey, with its ease, brings into the interior a charming and pleasant atmosphere. This decor allows you to achieve the most fashionable effect.

In the photo there is a kitchen and a window with a balcony door, decorated with cotton curtains.

Sizes of curtains

The main types of curtain length.


This length is especially appropriate if the window sill plays a functional role or if the window opens and closes frequently. Also, using short curtains can save kitchen space.

In the photo is a Provence style kitchen and short curtains on the window with a balcony door.


Curtains long in a floor will allow to issue beautifully a balcony opening of any configuration, to unite it in a uniform composition and to hide shortcomings. In addition, long curtains visually lift the ceiling in the kitchen.

The photo shows a window with a balcony door, decorated with long light curtains.

Color spectrum

The choice of colors plays an important role in the design, it can help to place the accents in the room correctly and make the interior bright and original.

  • White. This color will be appropriate in kitchens with a small balcony opening. It will create the visual effect of a large space and add air and light to the room.
  • Beige. A practical color that brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to any room.
  • Pink. It has soothing properties, gives a sense of peace and a positive attitude. Pink color increases the appetite.
  • Blue. In the interior of the kitchen, the blue color looks original. He calms, pacifies and simultaneously stirs.
  • Green. It gives the room a fresh, spontaneous, but impeccably stylish look.
  • Purple. Visually expands the space, lifts the mood and creates a festive atmosphere in the kitchen.

The photo shows a modern-style kitchen and beige curtains on the window with a balcony door.

Ideas in various styles

When choosing curtains, special attention is paid to the stylistic direction of the room.

  • Provence. Simple curtains in stripes, checkered or curtains with delicate and unobtrusive patterns of flowers will be the main decoration of the kitchen in the style of Provence.
  • Classic. Here fit the classic long curtains of discreet shades that will blend in with the walls and semi-antique furniture.
  • Modern. Strict blinds, roller blinds or laconic monophonic versions of curtains in a modern style will look especially appropriate. Clear lines and rectangular shapes will unload the room and make it interesting and stylish.
  • Country Bright curtains with large or small prints decorated with ruffles or ruffles look great here. The main thing in this style is not to overdo it with excessive pomp.

In the photo there is a modern-style kitchen and yellow curtains on the window with a balcony door.

Design and drawing

You need to choose the pattern wisely, as the pattern on the curtains can emphasize the basic style of the kitchen with a balcony door.

  • Geometry. Curtains with stripes or geometric circles, look concise and very stylish and delight with its aesthetic simplicity.
  • Abstraction. This print can modify the entire structure of the space and create expressive focal points in it.
  • Ornaments and patterns. Curtains with such patterns make the room more lively and dynamic and give it its unique character.
  • Flowers and vegetation. Refresh the atmosphere and give the interior a new sound.

Decor ideas

Due to the different decor of curtains, the interior acquires an even more individual style.

  • Hooks. Wonderfully emphasize the curtain design on the eaves and give it a non-trivial look.
  • Lambrequins. Will become the main highlight of the kitchen with a balcony door. They will attract the views and focus on the design of curtains.

Photo gallery

Curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door create a beautiful, cozy and individual interior space, as well as protect the room from excess sunlight.

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