Choose a wallpaper for a teenager: types, design and drawings, color, style, combination

Finishing plays a significant role for any person, in the place of frequent stay should be comfortable and cozy, the wallpaper for a teenager may differ from those used to decorate the rest of the room. Colors can be brighter, and design is bolder. In addition, it is a great way to get acquainted with the tastes and interests of the child.

What kind of wallpaper is better to choose for a teenager?

Adolescents are not particularly thrift to furniture and interior items, choosing wallpaper for decoration, you should take this fact into account. Some types of wallpaper will be the most successful choice for a teenage room, some of them are more practical and durable, others are cheaper.

  • Liquid wallpaper is good in its composition, the material is well breathable and does not emit harmful substances. The great advantage is the possibility of local repair, a place of heavy pollution or wear can be replaced. Liquid wallpaper successfully combined with other ways of finishing and materials.
  • Non-woven wallpapers are convenient because they can be repainted many times. Teen tastes can change often and this will be a good way to quickly change the situation and update the interior.
  • Vinyl coating is characterized by durability and variety of choice. Production uses different techniques, which allows you to recreate a variety of external effects, such as silk-screen printing, embossed top layer or hot stamping. All species differ in appearance and have different characteristics and are presented in a huge variety.
  • Another suitable option for a teenager is paper wallpaper. It is lightweight, breathable and inexpensive material. Paper wallpapers do not have high strength and are difficult to clean, but this is offset by a low price. This method of finishing is suitable for repair for a couple of years. However, for a teenager it is just right.
  • Wall mural will be an excellent opportunity for self-expression. Drawing has no restrictions, technologies allow to put any image on a cloth absolutely. For greater durability of the surface are made wallpaper with a laminated coating. It allows you to easily get rid of traces of the pen or marker.

Design photos and drawings

Photo wallpaper

Wallpaper with 3D image is a great option for a modern children's room.

The most successful option would be to use 3D wallpaper as an accent on one of the walls.

A realistic image can be in different styles, such as flowers, landscapes or abstraction.

In the photo room for a boy with 3D wallpaper trim. The interior is diluted with bright orange details.

Under the brick

For many years, brickwork remains an important way of interior decoration. A brick can support the trendy urban direction of a loft or become an accent for a more peaceful Provence.


Certainly associated with teenagers, something fashionable and young. For finishing the room of a teenager, the most convenient way of finishing will be wallpaper with the image of graffiti. The picture will be combined with plain wallpaper.

The photo is a compact nursery with a comfortable working area. Despite the modest size of the room, bright colors are used in the decoration.

Landscapes of cities

Adolescents often like the landscapes of big cities or recognizable sights of the capitals of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower or Tower Bridge.

Sports theme

Wallpaper with sports patterns can convey the enthusiasm of young people. Teens aged 14-16 often do some kind of sport and it becomes a real way of life. The image on the wallpaper can be in the form of small patterns or large photo panels, for example, with your favorite football team.

In the photo is a minimalist teenage bedroom with a sports theme. One of the walls is decorated with illuminated photo murals.


Wallpaper with the image of technology is more suitable for young people, although this topic may well be interesting for girls. Equipment can be different, planes or cars.

Heroes and stories movies, TV shows, games

Teens often choose their hobbies, which give a lot of free time. Heroes of your favorite TV shows or movies can decorate the wall on photo wallpapers. In addition to the heroes, these may be plots of computer games or movie episodes.


Geometric patterns not only look stylish, but also help to change the perception of a room, namely, to make it higher or “push apart” the walls of a narrow room.

The most universal pattern is a strip, depending on its direction and the space will change.

Circles, rhombuses and more complex geometric shapes will also be appropriate for the design of a teenager's room.

In the photo, a modern bedroom for a teenager in neutral natural colors.

Also often used wallpaper in a circle, they create a simple and simple coloring in the girl's bedroom.

In the photo design of the nursery in the Scandinavian style. The interior uses a bright palette and accents of yellow.


A world map, a starry sky or a fairy-tale pirate drawn map is suitable for decorating a room of a throwing and inquisitive teenager. Depending on the method of the appearance of the map, the drawing may correspond to different stylistic directions.

Color spectrum


The stylish gray tone is in harmony with other colors, the combinations can be calm and concise or bold and bright. The shade successfully emphasizes bright details, “highlighting” them and making them more noticeable.

The photo shows a stylish teenage bedroom in a sporty style. The color palette and logos of your favorite team are used in the interior decoration.


Always up to date and fashionable tone. The purest of all existing color. It can be the basis, background or element of the decoration of the room of a teenager. White symbol of innocence, purity and lightness.


Spectacular and bold tone, which is best used in detail, as finishing the room with a completely black color can have a negative effect on the teenager. A great solution would be to finish the chalk wallpaper, they represent a black canvas with an adhesive base.


Wallpapers beautiful and mysterious purple hues will be a real decoration for the teenage room. The color is fascinating and juicy, but with it you should be careful, too much use can cause a depressive mood.


Calm and elegant color will be a good choice for the classic and modern design of children's. It can complement the gentle colors, like pink or blue, or the bright details of a juicy hue.


The positive shade is associated with the summer and the sun, which can not but affect the mood of the child. Calm shades improve well-being and have a positive effect on consciousness.


Red color is also able to improve mood and bring out of a depressive state. However, too much use can lead to the opposite effect. Orange has many shades from a gentle light to bright dark orange.


Red tone is emotional and exciting, it is not the best choice for a teenage or children's room. It can be used as interior accents in decoration or decoration.

Design ideas in various styles


For a teenager, modern style will be a good solution. The combination of different colors and textures perfectly conveys the nature and nature of the transitional age. Walls can be decorated with wallpaper with large 3D drawings, wallpaper companions or bright inscriptions. By combining contrasting wallpapers or different materials you can zone the space, separating the sleeping area.

In the photo there is a cozy sleeping area, separated from the rest of the premises by a podium.


Marine themes are often used to decorate a child’s room. Wallpapers can be with a beautiful fantasy pattern or have classic stripes. The palette that best conveys the sea atmosphere is filled with shades of blue and sand and white. You can use themed details as a wall decor, such as a life ring or an anchor.


Provence style is easy and romantic. It is perfect for finishing the room for a young gentle person. The main role in the design is played by details, furniture and decor items can be aged, but retain elegant forms and beautiful delicate color.


Classic design will be appropriate for room decoration for any age. Teens, in any case, will fill the space with small things and pictures that will reflect their character.


Fashionable urban style with bold trim details. However, for a teenager this is exactly what you need. Walls can be decorated with brickwork, wallpaper with imitation of concrete or rough plaster.

Combining wallpaper

Combining wallpaper with different colors and textures betray the room individuality, as well as help to divide it into several zones.

There are two main ways of combining: vertical and horizontal, depending on the method of gluing. The most popular is considered vertical, in this case, the strips of wallpaper are joined in the usual way, simply replacing one with another.

You can use two or more colors, as well as combine regular and wallpaper. Another way involves the joint of two types of canvases along a horizontal line that runs along the wall.

In the photo room of a teenager in the style of a new classic. When making use of different shades of blue.

Features of the selection of wallpaper for the teenage bedroom

Teenagers do not have fear of something new and bold, they are open to experiments and extraordinary solutions. However, it should be borne in mind that the selected color will affect the mood of the child.

  • It is better to choose a tone from a calm palette as the main color.
  • Dark shades can lead to depression.
  • The drawing can become the personification of the teenager’s inner world, transmitting the passions and interests of the child.
  • It is best to choose the wallpaper together, in this case the wishes of all parties will be taken into account, which is important for the transition period.

Features for a teenager boy

Adolescent boys are usually easier to relate to the interior features of their room, although they will certainly be happy with the cool design. The walls of the boyish room can be decorated with wallpaper with your favorite musical groups, episodes of computer games or TV shows. It can also be wallpaper with geometric patterns or cool patterns.

Features for a teenager girl

A girl's room can be decorated in bright colors with cute drawings or decorative details, such as inscriptions or unicorns. Walls can also be decorated with themed wallpapers that convey girls' hobbies or wallpaper companions.

In the photo a small bedroom for a young girl made in bright colors.

Nuances of registration of the room for heterosexual teenagers

In the joint room of a girl and a boy, you need to try to take into account the interests of both children and create an individual space for each, for this you need to divide the room into zones.

To distinguish the space, you can use different types of wallpaper. In this case, perfect wallpaper companions that will look harmoniously together, while radically different, for example, with a common texture and a completely different color.

Rules for choosing teenage wallpapers

When choosing a wallpaper for a teenager, there are a few nuances to consider.

  • In a small room it is better to use a light palette, white and blue color best of all visually increase the space.
  • Striped wallpapers will also be great helpers, the direction of the strips will make the room taller or wider.
  • In the room for children of different sexes, you should try to take into account the interests of both, for this you can use wallpaper of different colors, which will be united by a general texture.
  • If the room is designed for two teens, then you can use a finish that will satisfy both sides, for example, chalky wallpaper, neutral color or photopanel.

In the photo room teen with a car theme. The design uses deep dark colors.

Photo gallery

The room of a teenager is the personification of the inner world, the decoration and decorative details, without which not a single teenager room can do, show the interests, hobbies and character of the child. Given that adolescents are not very thrift, a good solution would be to use anti-vandal wallpaper types.

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