Arch in the hallway and corridor: types, location, choice of material, shape, design

The arch in the corridor and the hallway, thanks to its functional and versatile design and beautiful appearance, harmoniously combined with the design of the entire room, is able to perfectly fit into any interior solution of a city apartment or a private house.

Types of arches in the interior of the hallway

At the heart of the arches may lie any kind of geometric shapes.

Square (rectangular)

These designs are similar to the usual doorway, which fits perfectly into any interior. Such a design passage, would be a good option for the style decision, not implying smooth transitions and lines.

In the photo there are two rectangular arches in the interior of the entrance hall.


The standard, regular round shape of the arch with clean and smooth lines is a true embodiment of strict elegance and elegance.

The photo shows the interior of a small corridor with a round arch.

Elliptical (oval)

The ellipse taken as a base gives the arch a more elongated shape that would be most appropriate in a hallway with low ceilings.


Such an asymmetrical passage provides a lot of wide decorative opportunities with which you can create a fairly individual design that matches almost any styling.


It is quite a bright and unusual solution, giving the interior of the corridor a certain dynamism.


Fantasy arches in the form of a wave and other unusual solutions will be a completely unique decor of the room. The figured designs favorably emphasize the originality and aesthetic subtlety of the design of the hallway, adding to it a certain zest.

The location of the arch in the interior of the apartment

Popular options for the location of arches.

Between the kitchen and the corridor

For the kitchen and the corridor, made in a single style, the arched opening will be a particularly excellent option that will allow you to combine the two rooms, not only visually, but also physically. Such a decorator will completely change the interior perception and create a more harmonious atmosphere.

In the photo there is a rectangular arch between the kitchen and the hallway with a staircase.

In the living room from the hallway

The arch allows you to visually smooth the transition from the corridor to the hall and make the spatial composition much more integral.

Corridor separation

Arched structures are considered a great solution for zoning space. They allow you to create a visual partition of the most diverse arched, rectilinear or semicircular shape, which will be in harmony with the overall style of the hallway.

In the wall

With the help of a decorative arch in the wall, it turns out, not only to give the room its character and expressiveness, but also to create a truly picturesque decoration of the corridor, which can be used to frame a mirror, paintings, photographs, or use a niche to house other things or furniture, such as a dressing room. .

On the photo is a corridor in bright colors and an arch in the wall, equipped with a wardrobe.

What material can be used for corridor arches?

The choice of material depends on the appearance of the whole structure, as well as its functionality and durability.

  • Drywall
  • Tree.
  • Plastic.
  • Metal.

The photo of the arch of white plasterboard in the interior of the hallway.

The shape and size of the corridor and hallway

Design options for corridors of different shapes and sizes:

  • Narrow. An arched opening in a narrow room, visually divides the space into functional zones, gives it proportionality and uses the entire effective area as efficiently as possible.
  • A long. For a long corridor, round arches with an enfilade arrangement will be a spectacular solution, with the help of which it is advantageous to emphasize the length of the room and turn this planning flaw into dignity.
  • Small entrance hall. Arches in a small room instead of a door allow you to visually expand the space without weighing it down or cluttering it.

The photo shows the interior of a small hallway with a rectangular arch of white color.

Arch Design

Design ideas for the design of arched passages.

From stucco

This arched design has an impressive, graceful and luxurious appearance and, thanks to molded relief and carved details, does not need additional decor.

Decorative rock

With the help of masonry, you can unusually decorate and emphasize the arched element, giving it some antiquity and medievalism. A rather interesting solution is the artificial creation of decorative chips, due to which the finish gets an even more natural look.


The original arches with illumination in the form of spotlights, light bulbs or LED strip, look more light, airy and technologically and perfectly fulfill the function of a full-fledged lighting element.


It is very interesting and at the same time versatile and easy-to-use material, with imitation of various stone, brick, marble or other surfaces. The tile makes the arch more expressive, which adds visual diversity to the corridor.

Wood finish

Exquisite, luxurious and natural wood trim, thanks to a variety of textures and shades, ensures the creation of a harmonious and truly eco-friendly design. However, solid wood is a rather expensive material, so veneers are often used for finishing.

In the photo there is a modern entrance hall and an arch decorated with wooden trim.

Custom clearance

There are a lot of decoration options, for example, you can decorate an arched doorway with textiles and make the interior more comfortable, decorate it with embossed elements, moldings or baguette, model through windows next to the aisle, trim them with materials in the color of the walls and make it almost invisible or vice versa, use contrasting selection, which will be a real highlight of the hallway.

In the photo there is a spacious entrance hall and a wooden figured arch with columns.


With the help of a bright and aesthetic mosaic, it is possible to design both the entire arched structure and apply partial decoration. Such a geometric pattern will give the room design a completely new look.


The openings, decorated with reflective elements, create a beautiful play of light in the room and give the interior a special elegance. The mirror design undoubtedly draws attention to itself and adds extra space and lightness to the space.

The photo has elliptical arches with mirror design in the interior of the corridor.


It looks quite unusual and has at the same time a simple and very stylish look. A variety of brickwork gives the vaulted passage massiveness and solidity.

With shelves

A wide arched opening with shelves, small side or corner shelves, provides convenient placement of decorative items or storage of various small items.

Design of the corridor in various styles

A universal arch can be a wonderful addition to any style direction, for example, such as:

  • Modern.
  • Classical.
  • Provence.
  • High tech.

The photo shows a rectangular arch in the interior of the hallway, made in a modern style.

With the help of modern materials and various finishes, it turns out to construct a truly unique and unusual arched opening that will fit perfectly into any stylistic decisions.

Photo gallery

The arch is a beautiful architectural element that can have the most diverse form and decor. This design makes the interior design of the corridor more expressive and aesthetically attractive.

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