Countertop tiles: photos in the kitchen, bathroom, colors, design, styles

A tile countertop always looks quite unusual and undoubtedly attracts attention. With the help of such a decoration technique, it turns out to create a certain mood in the design and create a special atmosphere.

Pros and cons of tiling

This finish has its advantages and disadvantages.

Durability, practicality, durability and wear resistance.Inter-tile seams accumulate dirt.
High hygroscopicity, steam and moisture resistance.Over time, the grout can lose its original appearance.
Resistance to various mechanical stress and temperature changes.At the edges of the tabletop during operation, the appearance of chipping.
Easy and simple care.

What tile to choose for the countertop?

There are several types:

  • Ceramic. It is an excellent and reliable material that allows to revet tabletops in a variety of interior solutions.
  • Porcelain stoneware. It is the best option to create a unique design and give the surface an expensive, spectacular and elegant look.

The photo shows a bathroom with a worktop lined with brown tinted granite.

Popular tile colors

The most relevant are the following colors.


Due to the white tiled surfaces, it is possible to visually expand the space, fill it with light and give a more aesthetic image.

In the photo kitchen set with a base of square tiles in white.


It is a natural, relaxed design that allows you to endow the atmosphere with warmth, comfort and a certain generosity.


The soft and calm beige shade will undoubtedly form a very gentle and refined atmosphere.

On the photo is an island with a sink with a base tiled in beige in the interior of the kitchen.


Thanks to the beautiful and versatile tiled finish, the interior is filled with a special coolness and pacification.

The photo shows the bathroom and countertop with washbasin, decorated with blue mosaic.


Add to the room of natural energy, refresh the atmosphere and create a sense of naturalness.


Thanks to a huge variety of different colors, you can easily dilute and transform even the most boring and monotonous design. For example, a catchy and original veneer with multi-colored stripes of different widths will become a rather interesting option.

Photo of tile countertops in the kitchen

A countertop in the kitchen, lined with tiles, will stand out favorably against the general background, affect the interior perception and set a certain style throughout the room.

In the photo there is a kitchen and a combined worktop with a tile base and a black mosaic edge.

For the kitchen space, porcelain stoneware surfaces are mainly used, since this material is most resistant to hot objects, grease, oils, various acid and alkaline reagents, which makes it easy to use any detergent.

The tabletop should not only have a beautiful view, emphasizing the interior dignity and adding new colors to the decor, but also be as reliable and practical as possible. When choosing a color, it is advisable to pay attention to the shade of furniture or small accessories in the interior. In the kitchen, tiles are often decorated with a dining table, a window sill, an island or a work area of ​​a kitchen set, which is a continuation of the design of an apron.

In the photo is an island with a base of black glossy tiles in the kitchen.

Ideas of tile countertops in the bathroom

A countertop made of tile with a built-in sink will undoubtedly become one of the most important interior elements, and at the expense of a single surface will give the appearance of integrity and make the cleaning process as easy as possible.

To decorate the bathroom most often choose a tiled lining, ceramic mosaic or porcelain. Contrasting or vice versa, tiled finish that is in harmony with the overall color scheme, looks particularly advantageous in combination with mirror, glass surfaces and chrome-plated elements.

In the photo, the bathroom interior with a countertop made of gray mosaic tiles.

So, as the bathroom is notable for high humidity, temperature changes, condensation and steam formation, tiled finishing requires high-quality waterproofing of joints, which will prevent the occurrence of mold and mildew, as well as sealing the joints with the help of a curb.

In the photo there is a bathroom with a countertop under the sink, decorated with a mosaic of lilac shade.

Tabletop design

With the help of the original design, it turns out to give the tabletop a truly organic look. For example, wood veneer, due to imitation of natural wood texture, will endow the space with special warmth and comfort, which will affect the visual perception of the whole environment.

Marble products are perfectly combined with other finishing materials and fill the interior with luxury and chic, broken tiles are an excellent decorative material for creativity, allowing you to create true masterpieces.

It also looks very unusual facing with patterns or patterns with floral, geometric, marine or ethnic motifs, matt tiled surface or worktop trim on the edges.

How does the tabletop of the mosaic in the interior?

The unique mosaic design, becomes the central element of the bathroom and makes a harmonious ensemble with wall and floor covering. The mosaic can have a smooth or rough surface, have scuffs and multi-colored inserts. It also differs in a variety of forms, the most popular of which are squares. Due to the small modules, the mosaic can be used not only to decorate the base, but also on the edge of the tabletop.

In the photo table top with washbasins, lined with gray mosaic tiles in the interior of the bathroom.

The surface made of fine mosaic in the interior of the kitchen looks quite elegant and beautiful. Due to the possibility of combining different colors and creating your own patterns, it turns out to create a unique and individual design.

Photo tabletops in various styles

This design technique fits easily into any style trends, such as loft, Provence, country, minimalism, modern, Mediterranean design and others.

In the photo there is a bathroom in the Mediterranean style and a tabletop made of blue and light green shades.

For the direction of the loft, often choose a tile with imitation of wood, concrete or brick, in country design, preference is given to products in soothing and natural colors or facing under the stone, Provence style is characterized by light pastel tiles, decorated in cool and muted colors with decor in the form of interesting motives and structures.

In the Mediterranean style, tabletops are decorated with tiled materials with imitation of rough stone or wood, products of shade terracotta earth, yellow, orange, rich red, blue, cornflower, eggplant, light green or green trim.

Photo Gallery

The countertop of the tile, due to the beautiful and high-quality performance, will create a special atmosphere in any interior and will give the situation a thoughtfulness, completeness and harmony.

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