Chandelier decor - 18 ways to do it yourself

Today, in specialized stores you can buy a chandelier of any configuration and design. The price range is also huge. But creative people are not looking for easy ways: someone is engaged in the decoration of old or out of fashion products, someone makes lighting devices from scratch and then decorates them with various materials and objects. This article contains interesting ideas for the decoration of lighting devices.

Decor paints

With the help of paints, you can drastically change the look of a classical chandelier, harmoniously fit it into any interior. Before you begin the creative process, you need to prepare the necessary materials for work and tools.

Among them:

  • primer (acrylic or intended for metal objects);
  • acrylic paints of the desired colors in cans;
  • pearl aerosols, metallic and fluorescent colors as an alternative to electric lighting;
  • colorless acrylic lacquer. The composition protects the surface from external influences, gives shine, makes the colors more saturated;
  • surface degreasing agent;
  • masking tape and other protective materials;
  • tools for removing and parsing chandelier elements;
  • protective accessories (respirator, gloves).

Preparation for painting

Cover the workplace with protective materials; Let's turn out the bulbs, remove the extra elements from the chandelier, which we will not work with; non-removable parts protect masking tape;

  • we will clean the chandelier from dust and other impurities, we will dry it;
  • degrease the surface of the illuminant.

The process of creating decor paints

We treat the surface with an aerosol primer. Shake the canister before starting work and begin to spray the primer from top to bottom at a distance of 20 cm from the chandelier.

For a uniform quality paint will require 2-3 layers. Each layer should dry well.

A freshly painted chandelier can be further protected and made more expressive by using a layer of acrylic lacquer. The composition will dry in 2 hours.

After complete drying, the chandelier elements protected by masking tape can be released, screwed in bulbs and attach the previously removed details.



We paint over the elements of the chandelier, which require updating with white acrylic paint.
We take the desired napkin for decoupage, remove the 2 lower layers and begin to stick on the parts that require decoration with a brush. For work, you can take the PVA glue and dilute it with water or buy glue for decoupage.

After complete drying, apply a layer of lacquer on top for decoupage, leave to dry. A plaster socket can be attached to the upper part of the chandelier using a special mixture.


Wood decor

Wood is a natural material that is pleasant to work with, and wood products create a warm and homely atmosphere in the room. The original decor for lighting fixtures can be made with cuts, twigs, wooden household items, etc.



A floor lamp made of wood cuts ideally complements the interior of a country house or city apartment, furnished with eco-friendly wooden furniture.

Materials and tools;

  • a fragment of a tree trunk - 40 cm;
  • LED Strip Light;
  • cellulose lacquer;
  • power adapter;
  • electric wire;
  • saw;
  • grinding mechanism;
  • drill / drill (crown, sheet);
  • glue.

We prepare 10 wooden circles with a thickness of 2 cm each. Drill holes in 8 wooden blanks. In the 2 remaining ones, we will make only indentations.

Polish the surface of the circles. The internal surfaces of the holes will be applied with wood glue. Cover the circles with varnish in several layers, make them matte.

We proceed to the collection of the lamp: put mugs on the tube and glue the structure. On the tube we will draw the LED tape and connect it to the adapter.



A chandelier decorated with natural wood branches can show off in the bedroom or living room, creating a unique style and coziness.

Dried flexible branches of different tree species will be suitable as a natural material.

Materials and tools:

  • dry branches;
  • form (rubber ball);
  • spray paint;
  • varnish;
  • glue on wood;
  • chain for fixing the chandelier to the ceiling;
  • film;
  • double sided tape;
  • pruner

We clean the branches and make of them blanks of 20 cm each. Wrap the ball with a film and install it on the workspace, securing tape. Decorate the ball with branches, connecting them with glue, dry. We change the position of the ball, re-fix and glue the branches, bypassing the top, through which we will install the cartridge and twist the bulb, dry it.

Remove the ball, which served to bring the shape of the ball. After everything is dry, you can start painting or varnishing the future chandelier.

Insert the cartridge and energy-saving light bulb (to avoid overheating), hang the chandelier on the chain.


Using wooden hangers

With the help of wooden hangers, you can make a chandelier of complex shape for the interior in eco-style.

Materials and tools

  • wooden hangers - 50 pcs .;
  • steel wire;
  • drill.

We make a lamp shade consisting of 2 bases - rings of different diameters of steel wire.
We drill holes at the ends of the hangers for the further process of bonding.

We connect the hangers with a ring of smaller diameter: we pass the wire through the holes made. Hangers designed for fastening a large ring set symmetrically. Wire pass from the opposite end.

If you make holes at an angle of the same degree, hangers can be hung overlap.
This lampshade can be left “in the tree” or painted.


In each house there are plastic bottles of different colors. They can be used to create an exclusive chandelier.

Materials and tools:

  • spray paint;
  • metal rings of different diameters - 2 pcs .;
  • newspapers;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • gloves.

Cut the bottle into 2 parts. Cut the upper and lower halves into strips 1 cm wide, these are blanks for future colors. Bend the petals in a circle.

We cover the working surface with newspapers and proceed to the coloring of flowers: we spray it on plastic blanks of paint. We dry.

Next, we proceed to the manufacture of the chandelier: we take a small hoop, we pass the wire into the neck of the bottle, wrap the frame around it, fasten the flowers. Flowers are arranged as closely as possible to each other. Do the same with the big hoop. We connect the hoops with wire: take 3 pieces, measure the distance between the frames, cut the wire, taking into account the winding.

We wind the wire around one skeleton, unbend it, and wind its other end around the hoop No. 2.

Along the arc of the hoop, we mark 1/3 of the circumference, wrap the second piece of wire.

Let us measure another 1/3 and connect the hoops with the third segment.


Leaves from plastic bottles on a plafond

From plastic bottles of different colors, you can create an original decor of a chandelier in the form of leaves, for example, birch.

We cut plastic bottles into small fragments and make leaves of them. In order for the leaves to look more neat and natural, we melt them with a soldering iron along the contours (a tool with a thick sting and bevel on one side will fit).

With the help of the edge of the sting we create streaks on each leaf. Next, we heat up a thick needle and make holes at the bases of the leaves. It is necessary for fastening.

We make twigs: we string the leaves on a wire of small diameter, then we wind them on the base of steel wire.


From disposable spoons

For the kitchen or living room, you can create an original chandelier from disposable plastic spoons. Such an unexpected chandelier is economical, provides a good level of lighting, creates fantasy projections on the surrounding surfaces and objects.

Materials and tools:

  • 5 l plastic bottle;
  • plastic spoons - 150-170 pcs .;
  • energy saving light bulb;
  • cartridge;
  • copper wire;
  • knife / scissors;
  • PVA glue.


First, make the base, which will serve a plastic bottle and exactly cut off the bottom.
Center the cover pierced with a hot awl. Through this hole, skip the cord and attach it to the cartridge.

Go to the decorating process. To do this, you need only the deep parts of spoons, handles cut off. Glue the spoons around the base row by row staggered overlapped from bottom to top.

From above we make a horizontal row that will crown the chandelier. Inside the ceiling install cartridge and plug.


Chandelier from music CDs

Old CDs can be used to decorate home lighting fixtures: lamps, lampshades, chandeliers.

The shiny surface of the CD, including the whole range of colors will make the chandelier glow even more

strong and showy.
A small chandelier of music discs in the form of a lantern can be hung to illuminate the corridor.

Materials and tools:

  • round wooden boards are thinner and thicker - 2 pcs. Diameter of boards db more than a CD;
  • racks of wood or metal;
  • magnetic switch;
  • fluorescent light bulb;
  • discs.

We make a hole in a thick plate, install starter + switch, connect to the lamp. Stringing discs on the lamp. We install racks around the discs, cover the design with the top plate.



A creative lamp with marine motifs can be made using the master class "Coral Inspiration".

Materials and tools:

  • color paper;
  • colored yarn;
  • PVA glue;
  • fishing line;
  • scissors;
  • paper clips;
  • compass;
  • LED lamp;
  • electrical accessories.

On the paper of the chosen color we will draw semicircles of different diameters. The width of the blanks is 1 cm. We cut them, and then, cut them into segments from 2 to 5 cm long. Next, we twist the segments into cones and glue them separately, and then several pieces together and so on until a ball is formed.

Decorate the wire with colored yarn, then make a holder. Inside we will install a lamp and we will connect with a wire.



In the technique of origami, you can create a lamp-sconces, which is suitable for zone lighting of the bedroom, nursery and any other room.

By selecting the appropriate origami pattern, you can quickly make an exclusive fixture.
For example, you can take as a basis a scheme whereby a sheet of paper becomes three-dimensional and has a pattern in the form of rhombuses with fold lines in the center.

We turn the workpiece into a tube, we get a spherical shape. We glue the loose ends and hang them to the chuck.



A chandelier decorated with delicate silhouettes of paper butterflies can be a good option for lighting a nursery.

As a basis, you can use an old chandelier or any other round-shaped frame.
First, make paper butterflies. To do this, print out the template you like and cut out insect figures of the same or different sizes. It is better to choose high density paper.

We fasten the butterflies on a nylon thread or on a fishing line. There are 2 ways to mount: pierce butterflies or put on silicone glue.

Hang the threads with butterflies on the frame and decorate the composition.

It is also possible to take a ball from a wire as a base and to “plant” butterflies on its surface with the help of a glue gun.

Chandelier can be left in white or painted in any other.

Other ways - forms from under cupcakes, from cotton pads and other

As a decor for the ceiling lamp paper molds for cupcakes of different sizes and colors are perfect.

Materials and tools:

  • paper molds - 120 pcs .;
  • Chinese paper lantern;
  • plate;
  • glue;
  • electrical accessories.

Install a paper flashlight and glue the largest shapes on the top of the luminaire in a circle, so glue over 3/4 of the flashlight square, then turn it upside down and proceed to the bottom.

Next, inside the large molds paste small. Leave to dry, then connect the wire with the LED lamp.

A similar lampshade can be used for a desk lamp or sconce. For extra shine, crystals or large beads can be attached to the hearts of the molds.

Using the same technology, the lamp is created from cotton discs. The accessory resembles a fluffy dandelion. This lamp can be hung in any room to update the familiar interior.

Here, instead of molds, cotton pads will be needed, folded diagonally in the form of an English letter “V”. The tips of the blanks can be fixed with a stapler or white thread.

More paper lanterns can be decorated with New Year's décor: snowflakes and frosty patterns made of paper, snow flakes made of cotton and other improvised materials.


the cloth

The basis of the chandelier with fabric shade will be the old light fixture or any metal frame.

If a lightweight, lightweight fabric was used for sewing the lampshade, the bottom of the product should be made harder to avoid loss of shape. To help the master cardboard, fishing line, braid or fringe.

Next, we will make a fabric pattern according to the size of the frame. The length can be arbitrary, and the width of the fabric is equal to the diameter of the lampshade.

Sew the upper fabric part right on the frame. You can also place the frame in the fabric shade. In this case, bend, then sew and iron the upper edge of the pattern, and from the side we make the seam by machine. Lamp with fabric shade is convenient to use as a desktop lighting fixture or as a floor lamp.


The main purpose of the beads decor is to update the old lighting device. To decorate the chandelier rework will need the following materials and tools:

  • object for transformation;
  • beads;
  • glue gun;
  • sandpaper.

First, put in order the old chandelier: remove the peeling paint and apply a new one. Then, we proceed to the design of the candle lamps: we string the beads on a long thread, apply silicone glue on the legs of the candles and tightly wrap them with threads with beads. We set the decorated candles in their places. Chandelier will look like new.



The ceiling chandelier, created from threads, will fill the living space with comfort and a soft muted light. Such an unobtrusive lighting device can be hung in the bedroom, living room, nursery or in the kitchen. Depending on the style of the surrounding interior, the threads can be bright colors or soothing pastel shades.

Materials and tools:

  • high density threads (wool, cotton fibers, tow) - 1 m;
  • balloons - 2 pcs .;
  • cartridge;
  • light bulb;
  • PVA glue;
  • petrolatum;
  • tassel;
  • marker.

Inflate the ball to the desired volume. Outline the upper and lower boundaries of the arrangement of the threads. Take the brush and smear the ball with petroleum jelly. We wind the ball with threads, focusing on the markup. In the course of winding, we process the threads with glue. The level of light output will depend on the winding density. Leave to dry, then the ball can burst and pull out. In the upper part of the cut out place to install the cartridge. Check the reliability and elasticity of the lamp, inflatable inside the ball.

Further, the cover can be painted and / or supplemented with decorations.


Lace cover

An elegant ceiling made of antique lace is suitable for a bright interior in Provence style, and can decorate the porch of a country house.
Using lace to create a lighting device, we give them a new life in a new, more relevant embodiment.

Materials and tools:

  • lace or its fragment;
  • balloon;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • electrical accessories.

From the lace we will cut out the circles of different diameters. Nadeva ball, smear it with a thin layer of glue and begin to overlap the lace elements. Let's think over the beautiful outlines of lace that will frame the light bulb. At the end of the process, leave the product to dry for a day. We burst the ball, make a hole for the installation of an electronic cartridge.

The power of such a lamp should be minimal to avoid overheating of the lampshade; for more pronounced outlines and glare on the walls.


From glass jars and bottles

The creation of such a source of lighting will require from the designer assiduity, patience and skills to work with different tools. Such a chandelier can decorate a kitchen or a bar room.

Materials and tools:

  • glassware;
  • cartridges;
  • light bulbs;
  • the wire;
  • frame;
  • rim;
  • sandpaper;
  • glass cutter.

We take alternately bottles and jars, at the bottom of each object we draw smooth lines with a glass cutter, cut off the bottoms, grind sharp edges. Through the necks of cans and bottles, we conduct electrical wiring inside and install cartridges. Fix items on the surface of the rim in any order. Dark green wine bottles in combination with lighter cans will look most impressive.


Of cutlery

Melkhiorovye and metal cutlery: spoons, forks and even knives can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to create a unique author's product - a suspended multi-level or single-level chandelier. This is ideal for the kitchen or restaurant premises.

Devices can be hung around the light source. A solid wire, metal or wood hoops, and wheels from a bicycle will be suitable as a frame. The last option is good availability of finished holes.

In the manufacture of chandeliers with several levels in addition to the instruments, you can use rows of cups, pockets, etc.

The main rule in the manufacture of such a product - reliable fastening of all structural elements.



These and other ideas for creating and decorating chandeliers, lamps can be realized by showing patience, applying imagination and we will find some free time for immersion into an applied creative process.



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