Purple bathroom design: features, photo

Violet is the color of enlightenment, spiritual development, harmony. A bathroom in purple tones will not only allow you to relax in a soothing atmosphere after a busy day, but also create an exclusive interior that can reflect the individuality of the owners.

Violet can be used in any style, but most often this color is used in modern, classic, pop art oriental styles.


Violet is rich in shades, and successfully combined with many other colors. The most classic combinations are white, gold, gray, blue, as well as various shades of these colors. The combination of violet and green looks unusual and spectacular. Softens and gives naturalness to creamy purple and ivory.

In the design of the purple bathroom, these colors can be used on walls, in furniture facades, as well as in plumbing fixtures.

The energy of red color will add to gentle violet rigor and male energy, if you add to this duet the shine of metal, you can get a bathroom for a real man.

A purple bathroom will look great if you use different shades of brightness and saturation only in this color and choose green as an extra, for example, decorate the room with plants, hang green towels, put a “grass” mat.

The only color that should not be combined with purple is black. This neighborhood will be a conflict, it has a suppressive effect on the nervous system. A bathroom in purple will look fresh and original if you add yellow shades to the interior. It can be pieces of furniture, or separate sections of walls, a ceiling.


There are various options for finishing with the use of purple, some special rules are not here, but you should follow the general recommendations of designers:

  • Too dark, saturated tones, besides the same color, visually “compress” the room, and have a pressing effect on the human psyche, so such decisions should be avoided.
  • Lighter ceiling and floor are effectively combined with darker walls.
  • A tile in purple colors looks good if it is combined with tiles of light shades.
  • The combination of violet with natural wood is favorable for perception. In the bathroom of purple color, you can make a wooden floor, or equip it with wooden unpainted furniture.
  • Violet is a luxurious color, so instead of a wall tile, it is better to finish it with Venetian plaster, this will immediately turn an ordinary room into an exclusive one.
  • In the bathroom, you can also use wallpaper that imitates silk, they will also make the setting more luxurious.
  • If one of the walls will have a rich color, and the rest will be light, the “dark” will seem to go off, visually enlarging the room.


In the design of the purple bathroom is used, as a rule, white plumbing. These colors are harmoniously combined with each other, and this decision is traditional. However, experiments are welcome here. You can equip the bathroom bathroom fixtures in ivory or orange.

Purple plumbing looks particularly elegant, especially if it has a dark, rich tone and is located against the background of light walls. If the bathroom is selected furniture with rich purple facades, the walls should be light, while they can be both contrasting and monotonous.


Accessories - the final touch when creating any interior. And this is especially important for unusual, exclusive projects. Bathroom accessories in purple colors are selected according to the following rules:

  • Textiles (towels, bathrobes, rugs) select either contrasting tones or those that form harmonious combinations with violet.
  • In the design of the purple bathroom can not be small things - everything is important. Even toothbrushes and pasta tubes should ideally be in harmony with the color of the room.
  • Candles of violet or cream tones look spectacular, besides their warmth will add to the atmosphere of comfort.
  • Do not neglect the spectacular combination of purple-green, living plants, as well as their images will be an appropriate addition to the interior. Irises, bouquets of hyacinths, bunches of lilac, as well as other purple flowers will be a great decoration of the bathroom in purple.

Designers also recall some secrets of ideal interiors using violet tones:

  • Small rooms should not be made dark, a small bathroom can be decorated with light purple, delicate lilac tones. A large room may be dark purple, as the visual decrease in volume in this case is not terrible.
  • In the decoration you should not use more than three colors at the same time, otherwise it will be difficult to create a harmonious design.

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