Gray kitchen set: design, choice of form, material, style (65 photos)

Gray kitchen set firmly entered the top of stylish modern furniture that does not look boring and is combined with both bright and neutral colors. Gray color of the headset looks elegant and appropriate in the kitchen of any style.

Features of color, its advantages and disadvantages

Despite the simplicity of color, gray can be different in tones, from warm red to blue-gray, almost black and silver. Light gray kitchen set is suitable for a small kitchen, and dark gray - for a well-lit large space.

Advantages of a gray kitchen set:

  • does not cause aggression and does not provoke a breakdown;
  • This is a universal color for the kitchen of any size when choosing the right shade;
  • practicality of color (spatters, fingers and water on the gray kitchen facade are not as visible as on black or white);
  • a noble look that does not go out of fashion;
  • gray color serves as a background for any color of kitchen utensils and decorative elements;
  • gray kitchen set looks stylish.

The kitchen can become gloomy if the kitchen set, walls and decor are presented in one gray color without variations of shades and the companion color.

Modern or classic style?

Modern style

Gray kitchen set is great for modern high-tech and minimalism due to the metallic sheen, gray gloss and chrome accessories.

For the modern style, it is important to choose the appropriate headset shape, functionally use all the drawers, not store the dishes on the open shelves and choose the simplest possible kitchen facade. In color it can be any shade of gray in combination with white, steel, red and other colors.

The photo is a gray island set in a modern style. Due to the abundance of natural light and bright finishes, the kitchen looks spacious.

Classic style

A gray kitchen set is also suitable for a classic kitchen, provided a combination of gray with a stone worktop, wooden carved facade and twisted handles. Glass doors, light wallpaper, tiles under stone or parquet are appropriate for a classic style.

In modern classics it is possible to combine kitchen set with Roman and roller blinds. The set should be light gray, uniform, or combine a light gray top with a dark gray bottom of the furniture.

Headset shape selection

Based on the size of the room, it is important to choose the functional form of the kitchen unit. Furniture can be linear, corner, p-shaped or insular.


Linear kitchen set or direct kitchen involves placing all the furniture, oven and refrigerator along one wall. Suitable for rooms of any size and differs in the number of canisters. Such a headset looks good in any style, especially in modern high-tech. The advantage is that you can put a table group nearby, a drawback - the corner space is not used.


Corner kitchen set is the best option for a compact kitchen, where the furniture is located along two adjacent walls, in the corner is a sink or stove, under which is a spacious closet. The angle is also created using a fixed or folding bar counter.


U-shaped kitchen set looks good in a rectangular kitchen, where the set is located along three walls. Here the window sill is actively involved as an additional surface. The disadvantage is that the dining table should be placed in another room. Suitable for a country house with a veranda or dining room.


Gray island set reveals the beauty only in a large kitchen, where there is a need to reduce the work space and the need for additional surface. This is a kitchen furniture, which in the middle of the room is complemented not by the dining room group, but by a table from the headset ensemble. The island may have a worktop, stove or sink.

In the photo there is an island suite where the central table simultaneously serves as storage cabinets, a working surface with a stove and a dining table.

Materials for the manufacture of the headset and its cover

The most popular materials are: MDF and wood.

MDFKitchens made of MDF frame are not composed of chemical impurities, the facades can be of any kind of finish: film, plastic, paint. MDF panels are more resistant to moisture than chipboard, but will not take hard shocks and can be deformed.
TreeThe kitchen set from wood has the high term of operation, is absolutely pure, differs in natural drawing. Due to the special impregnation, the tree is resistant to wet environments and temperature changes. Scratches can be removed by grinding.

The facade of the gray kitchen can be covered with PVP film, plastic. The advantage of plastic over the film is that it does not deform when in contact with hot dishes. A wide selection of colors and textures will help create the right style.

Glossy, matte or metallic?

  • The glossy gray kitchen façade combines with matte walls, floor and worktop. Glitter is appropriate in a modern interior, so the form should be appropriate. Fingerprints and stains are visible on the glossy doors, so it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the surface.

In the photo island set with glossy facades that are combined with a matte floor and work surface. The gloss reflects the light well, so it is important to have several lamps and chandeliers.

  • A matt kitchen set is equally suitable for any style of kitchen, goes well with a glossy floor or apron.

  • The facade of an aluminum or steel headset gives a metallic sheen, serves for a long time and is not afraid of brushing and cleaning agents. For a gray headset, such a facade does not need additional decoration.

Choosing an apron and countertops


Apron should choose a contrasting color, or gray, but lighter or darker than a kitchen set. It can also be a color or monochrome pattern. From materials it is better to choose ceramic tile, mosaic, granite, steel, tempered glass. Not suitable as an apron laminate, wallpaper, plaster, painting due to instability to abrasion and high humidity over the working area.

In the photo is a kitchen with a glass apron with photo printing. This finish is combined with a matte facade.

Table top

For the kitchen countertop, the color is suitable for an apron, a contrasting color, black, white, metallic. From materials it is necessary to choose wood, ceramics, natural stone, acrylic. From the budget option suitable laminated MDF tabletop.

The choice of color and finish the kitchen

For finishing the floor is best suited for porcelain tiles, which can be square or rectangular in shape, imitate the texture and color of wood. You can also use laminate or linoleum. The gray headset will suit dark gray, brown, white and beige floor. If there is a rug, it can be the same color as the kitchen facade.

The ceiling should be bright and easy to maintain. Therefore, a stretched single-level ceiling with a glossy or matte canvas, painted, decorated with wallpaper, plastic panels or foam slabs, is suitable.

In the photo there is a kitchen with a smooth plastered white ceiling that looks neutral and makes the space more visually.

Walls should serve as a backdrop for kitchen furniture, so they can be neutral shades of pink, brown, pistachio, beige or white. Gray walls can merge with the furniture, so it is better to choose light shades.

Paint, plaster, PVC panels, moisture-proof wallpaper will suit the material. For the kitchen suitable washable especially resistant wallpaper with three waves on the label. They can be flizelinovymi, vinyl, glass wallpaper. Also for the decor of the dining area fit wallpaper.

Color matching options

The combination of two colors can be different, from a gray facade with color inserts, to an equal combination of contrasting shades.

  • The white-gray combination in one headset is more common and looks organically in any style.

  • Red-gray kitchen is suitable for a modern style. The combination of a gray facade and red pull-out kitchen drawers looks organically.

  • The combination of two neutral colors of gray and beige is suitable for minimalism style. These shades look best in matte design.

  • Orange is very attractive, so it should be in moderation, it looks good tangerine with a dark gray color of the kitchen facade.

  • Gray-green kitchen facade is suitable for a modern style. Green color can be in any shade, from lime to ocher.

  • The gray-brown set looks attractive only on the light background of the walls. It is better not to mix these colors with each other, they may be gray, and the top of the facade - brown.

  • For purple, gray appears as a background; such a kitchen facade is suitable for a well-lit room.

  • Gray-blue glossy furniture suitable for compact kitchen. Blue calms and over time does not bother.

  • Black and gray matte kitchen facade is suitable for a spacious kitchen with two windows. Gray should be more, and the walls should be white.

Gray headset may look different, depending on the size of the room, the color of the companion and on which side of the world windows go. This is a stylish color that will always remain in fashion out of time.

Photo gallery

Below are the photo examples of the use of gray headset in the interior of the kitchen.

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