Design apartment 36 square. m

Design apartment 36 square. m. solved in a loft style with elements of minimalism. Typically, this style is used in large areas, because it initially arose as an attempt to adapt the large-scale premises of former factories and plants for living. But it turned out that in a small-sized apartment this style is fully justified and helps to create interesting interiors.

The loft in the studio apartment began with a redevelopment: the partitions between the rooms were torn down to create an open space filled with light.

Style features

The brutality of the loft is combined in the interior with the concept of minimalism: there are few objects, they are all functional, nothing superfluous, only what will make living comfortable, and without which it is really impossible to do.

From the loft there is painted brickwork on the walls, rough plaster, wooden slats ceiling with prominent technological “fins”, as well as decorative elements.


The main color in the design of the apartment is 36 square meters. m. - white. It covers not only the walls, but also the floor and the ceiling. Thus it is possible to slightly increase the space, at least visually.

But the room does not look boring due to the diversity of textures and geometry: the “herringbone” of boards on the floor, rectangles of bricks on the walls, parallel lines of the ceiling strips break the strict shape and give dynamics.

Loft in the studio apartment gets emotional intensity through the use of rich color accents: in the kitchen it is a complex green apron, black graphics of chairs, a bright red kettle on the stove. This shade of red flows into all areas, being realized in a wall panel in the living room, in the design of the shelving in the dining area, in an unusual hanger in the hallway.


The design of the apartment is 36 square meters. m. used unusual lamps. In addition to the LED spots on the ceiling, there is a floor lamp near the sofa in the living area, attached to the floor and to the ceiling, a lamp between the kitchen and dining areas, hanging from the ceiling above the dining table.

The bathroom is also illuminated by ceiling LEDs, and the area near the sink is equipped with linear lights.

Storage systems

Stylish loft in the studio apartment turned out very comfortable to stay. At the planning stage, storage places were laid - a spacious dressing room was allocated in the entrance area, where almost everything that had to be hidden from prying eyes was removed.

In the dining area for books and documents, a spacious rack is provided; in the kitchen, hanging cabinets of increased height will remove all the necessary utensils and long-term stocks of cereals.

In addition, in a narrow partition between the kitchen and living areas, comfortable open shelves are made in which you can store, for example, bottles of oil or wine.


Entrance hall

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