Unusual long narrow house in Japan

Japanese design studio Mizuishi Architect Atelier, the city of Tokyo, designed for a couple with a child, a unique project of a two-story house. On a plot of land, with an area of ​​just over fifty-five square meters, an unusual and ingenious idea was built long narrow house.

This two-storey narrow house unlike any residential building of its kind. An important feature of it is - this is the maximum use of all free space. Not a single centimeter was left unattended, the designers took into account all the ergonomics of movements and the peculiarities of the family.

The place in the house was found not only to traditional rooms, such as a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, but also a children's playground and a recreation area and a place to work.

The main room of the house is a common room with the kitchen on the second floor. For maximum illumination and disclosure of space a large window was used, with the maximum possible for the construction, glazing area.

Feature of this long narrow house There is practically no cabinets, instead they are actively used storage space under the common bench and on the first floor. Designers also found an excellent solution for natural lighting of the kitchen - a vertical narrow window in the end of the building allows you to use daylight and save electricity, which also deprives the room of the effect of compactness.

The bedroom continues the trajectory of the common room, this unusual two-storey narrow houseclosing the living space. It is noteworthy that the interior designers did not fence the stairs leading to the attic with a wall, but used curtains to create a secluded atmosphere not to the detriment of precious meters.

In that long narrow house there is a place for children's toys, on a special attic platform, right under the roof, with special fences, an area for the child has been erected. The need to look after the baby is also taken into account, the zone is located just above the kitchen and allows the mother, without looking up from the food preparation, to look after the baby.

A bathroom with all the necessary facilities is located on the first floor, there is nothing superfluous in it, everything is extremely simple, affordable, convenient.

Interior two-storey narrow house created according to the principles of functionalism and minimalism. The color scheme is very reserved, white, brown, gray. All pieces of furniture are mobile and easy to move.

Photo of a narrow house from Mizuishi Architect Atelier. Children's room.

Photo of a narrow house from Mizuishi Architect Atelier. Bedroom.

Photo of a narrow house from Mizuishi Architect Atelier. Bathroom.

Working drawings long narrow house from Mizuishi Architect Atelier.

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