Country house in Melbourne: black and white interior

Modern, but at the same time filled with tradition house with interiors in black and white built in australian melbourne. Despite the strict color scheme, it can not be called boring. First, black and white are diluted with gray and very expressive shades of steel and silver.

To gray in design of rooms in a country house selected the “right” companions, due to which it looks very advantageous. The resulting interior looks cozy, does not distract attention and allows you to focus on yourself, your feelings, thoughts, feelings.

On the first floor of the house in one common volume are the kitchen, dining room and living room. The guest zone invites you to relax on a corner sofa, a special expression and convenience attached to the pillows in the “goose foot” - a classic for interior in black and white pattern. It will be repeated in other details, which in general serves to unite the rooms into a single style space.

Design rooms in a country house designed in the same style, the kitchen also does not violate harmony. White facades, the same color of marble, warm beige tones of wood - all this fits perfectly into the overall mood. A modern kitchen equipment makes the cooking process convenient and enjoyable.

Symmetry reigns design rooms in a country house, and it is especially pronounced on the ground floor, in a room with a fireplace. Symmetrically located sofas, windows, two twin tables - all this brings harmony into the atmosphere.

To the second floor you can climb two stairs. Wooden steps create a feeling of durability, and glass fences make the stair construction weightless.

Interior in black and white in the bedrooms of the second floor does not seem cold, on the contrary - the calm atmosphere of the rooms allows you to relax and indulge in bliss. There are no extra details in the decor, which allows you not to be distracted by particulars and perceive the situation as a whole.

Bathrooms are equipped with everything you need, in the dressing room there is a place to store things.

Space for the office is allocated in the recreation area, so as not to create a feeling of closed space.

For outdoor recreation in the house there is a terrace, covered with weatherproof roof, and equipped with a fireplace in case of coolness. Moreover, in front of him it is so cozy to sit in silence.

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