Landscaping plot in front of the house

Landscape design appeared in ancient times. Of course, then this trend in art had no such name. Decoration of the territory surrounding the buildings began with temple complexes. The structures erected to worship the deities were treated with special honor and tried to appease the members of the pantheon, creating a unique landscape around the holy place.

Roses in landscape design: types and options of decoration

The rose is the most emblematic participant in the flower bouquet and a magnificent garden decoration at the dacha. In the flower garden, she unconditionally becomes the dominant queen, who ruthlessly suppresses her neighbors, no matter how beautiful they are. The history of plant cultivation begins in ancient Persia more than 5,000 years ago.

Landscape design plot of 20 acres

Recently, people have begun to rapidly leave the stifling "jungle" of megacities and develop new territories outside the city limits. The choice in favor of the hinterland has a lot of advantages. First, you can forget about the floods from above, loud quarrels between neighbors and repair-disco noise until late at night. Secondly, in their own possessions can do gardening, horticulture or raising domestic animals.

Pool in a country house: interior and exterior design

A small or large body of water on the territory of a private house is a great idea, especially on hot summer days. A couple of decades ago, a private swimming pool was the subject of unprecedented luxury. At present, such "water reservoirs" often allow themselves to the middle class, because such facilities make it possible not only to show off to friends with their wealth and well-being, but also to spend time with health benefits.

Decorative well for giving done with your own hands

Fans of vacation in a country estate, gardeners, novice landscape designers will be interested to learn how to make a decorative well in their summer cottage, how to decorate it. Such facilities once existed in every yard, were fully functional. Nowadays, water supply is available almost everywhere, and wells with diverse decor are becoming a remarkable element of landscape design of the local area, its highlight.

Variants of landscape design plot of 15 acres

Land improvement is a true art. Although the term “landscape architecture” appeared only two centuries ago, people were engaged in the millenniums for the design of the territory that is attached to the house. Beautiful fountains, benches, hedges, trees, arches and lanterns ennoble the appearance of the site. Landscape design originated on the principles of urban planning and landscape design.

Peculiarities of country style in landscape design

Childhood. What associations does this word cause? The smell of freshly cut grass and juicy apples, the aroma of fresh milk, playing with friends, gentle hands of grandmothers, summer holidays in the village. In the age of technical progress and the rapid pace of life, there is an acute desire to be closer to nature. Every year in design there are new directions.

Decorative waterfall: examples and making their own hands

Waterfalls have always captivated people with their beauty. Observing the movement of water pacifies, calms and adjusts to philosophical reflections. In Japan, no garden can do without this decorative element, and as you know, people of the east are recognized aesthetes and connoisseurs of beauty. Decorative waterfall can be independently designed and installed in your garden.

Landscape design styles and their characteristics

On the suburban area there is a special freedom of creativity - the owner can realize any idea, to build in its own space around the house. Sometimes there are such properties, where slides, fountains, sculptures, arbors are collected, but there is no holistic picture that makes the suburban ensemble memorable.

Design site 8 hectare: schemes and layouts

The 8 hectare plot landscape design is usually trusted by professionals, as the owners face a difficult task: placing a large number of buildings on a vast territory and creating a single stylistic picture. In addition to their own desires, it is also necessary to rely on the requirements that the state places on owners of private sites.

We make out a front garden in front of the house: do-it-yourself ideas

Gardening sites in front of residential buildings can be done in different ways. For example, plant small flowers framing a long walkway and a porch. And you can make an unusual design of the front garden in front of the house, combining large and small cultures, combined into separate islands of greenery. You can use for planting a variety of flowers, shrubs and ornamental grasses.

Site design area of ​​12 acres

The country house and the plot attached to it, become the ultimate dream of the city dweller. No neighbors, tight parking and constant restrictions. This small personal corner gives the owners a unique opportunity to create their own housing “paradise”, which will exist by its own rules.

Decorative fences +75 photos of examples and ideas

Registration of the suburban area includes not only the organic arrangement of functional areas, but also their beautiful separation. The role of conditional borders perfectly cope decorative fencing. Together with flower beds and garden paths, they create a neat and well-groomed composition. Decorative fence is used as decoration of the site, and the function of the fence performs a purely symbolic.

Create a garden garden with your own hands +75 photo examples

Cultivation of the land, the cultivation of vegetables and fruits at the dacha plots is perhaps a favorite activity for villagers and owners of country land. And what kind of Russian cellar goes without home-made seals? In France, they store wine, and in our country barrels of pickled apples and sauerkraut, three-liter rows of compotes and pickles, slender rows of jars of salads and jam.

Arbor design: which view to choose +75 photo ideas

Rest in a country house always involves gatherings in nature, which become more comfortable if a gazebo is equipped for this purpose. A small minor structure will eventually become an indispensable place for recreation, where home and guests will gather. And leisure can be carried out not only for cooking kebabs or barbecue, but also just to drink tea or read books in the open air.

Decorative bridge for the garden +50 photos

According to the tradition of landscape design, a decorative bridge is made over "dry" streams and artificial ponds. Such a design can take bizarre forms, and may look like a standard bridge in miniature. The choice of the type of bridge and its decor depends on the idea of ​​the design of the entire suburban area. Types of construction Installing the bridge on the site is not only an aesthetic, but also a practical function.

Landscape design of a site on a slope +50 photos

Today, the landscape design of the site on the slope may look unusual and even fabulous. Height differences, stone, winding paths, terraces - all this only decorates the uneven area. Creating a personal landscape on such land, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the terrain. Features of an uneven site Slope of the site - this is not a vice, but a great way to equip everything rather nontrivial.

Conifers in the landscape design of the dacha +75 photos

Beautiful and diverse conifers in the landscape design of the suburban area are used very often. In addition to high decoration, these plants have a significant advantage over other cultures. They remain attractive throughout the year. Ухоженное и красиво подстриженное дерево станет гордостью и украшением дачного участка на несколько десятилетий.

Decor for the garden do it yourself +75 photo

A garden or a dacha in the modern sense is not just a vegetable garden, weaving the land where fruit and berry plants grow, as well as trees, for which constant care is needed. The garden is a place where you can, first of all, have a good rest, dream, spend time with your family, with friends. In order for you to feel as comfortable as possible, care should be taken to ensure that the decor for the garden is harmonious and meets all the rules of street design.